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A Million Little Things: Discussion Thread


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38 minutes ago, ChitHappens said:

Really good season opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Who's watching?


@slick jones, where you been lately?

I happened to watch the premiere, even though I’m kind of “eh” on the show. I really like Grace Park (Katherine) here, even though she has that icky NXIVM stuff swirling around her IRL. She’s a great actress. 

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I was  half expecting our hit-and-run driver to speed into the wedding. (Secretly hoping Theo would get run down).


The baby---  the unspoken resentment from Rome is palpable,  and that hair is a cry for help-- unless it's just Covid- related hair, which most of us had.  Luckily, Christina Moses' beauty can handle any style.   After his role in Weeds, I would watch Romany Malco read a phone book from an Indonesian island.  


Don't care about Maggie in England.  Not a big fan of her replacement  back home, either.  James Roday, though....  he is the glue on this show.  Staying at the hospital, calling Eddie out on self-pity (preview), Gary is definitely the glue, and always has been.


Eddie, Eddie, Eddie     too much drama.  (Says Slick while secretly hoping for a Grimm reunion movie    sans Bitsie Tulloch).  Push hard and don't whine--it's never a good look.


Katherine and Delilah's friendship still boggles me while respecting their choice to be grown ups.


I would welcome Chandler Riggs back, though, as honorary member of the "family".   PJ was a great addition, and well... he is "Carrrrrrullllll".


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Gina's hair was atrocious on quite a few levels!


Katherine calling Delilah, the woman who had an affair with her husband, was planning to run off with him and bore his child, family has my head hurting.  This always be the friction in that circle.  


Eddie is the weakest link.  I can easily see him relying very heavily on Katherine instead of trying to do for himself while in the wheelchair.  She needs to dump him!


Hate Gary & Maggie with every fiber and it pains me that Darcy is wasted on them...THE END!


Still reeling for them leaving an 80+ pound dog from a pound with an 80 year old to get her real dog away from her.  


@slick jones

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