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ALL: Christmas spoilers

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*Airs all week*

Gabi is scared of Julie.

Hope tells Ciara difficult news.

Brady spends the holidays getting high as !@#$%^&*].

Victor tries to make up with Maggie.

Theresa plots with Anne.

Sami admits the truth to EJ.

Victor talks to Eric.

Rafe gets Jordan a Christmas present.

Brady throws JJ under the bus.


*Doesn't air Wednesday*

Felicia, Kristen, Tony, and RJ are back home for the holidays.

Eric grieves Stephanie.

Bill learns Ridge is back.

Brooke tells Ridge about her affair with Bill.

Ridge and Rick start fighting again.


*Airs all week*

Victor and Paul face off.

Neil wants to ask Leslie to marry him.

Nick sees a moment between Sharon and Adam.

Faith wishes that Shick reunite in 2014.

Michael and Lauren hope for a miracle.

Billy opens up to Jill.


*Doesn't air Tuesday or Wednesday*

Diane gives Anna news.

Maxie goes to Lulu.

Britt feels guilty.

Sabrina is heartbroken.

Robin has to make a tough decision.

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