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The Best and Worst Summer Hits


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I'm sure you all remember the awful "Macarena" from 1996.

What other summer hits do you still like to listen to or have never liked at all?

In Europe, we have had annoying summer hits which were popular all across the continent every year. Usually these acts only had one global hit.

Some examples:

Loona / "Bailando" (1998)


ATC / "Around the World" (2000)


Las Ketchup / "The Ketchup Song" (2000)


Two versions of the same song charted at the same time:

O-Zone / "Dragostea din tei" (2004)


Haiduccii / "Dragostea din tei" (2004)


I've always liked the Haiduccii version better and still listen to it once in a while.

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Some more...

Wes / "Alane" (1998)


That one was played so much that year... the video is still wtf for me.

Juanes / "La Camisa Negra" (2005)
I loathe this one.
Monrose / "Hot Summer" (2007)
Emiliana Torrini / "Jungle Drum" (2009)
Alexandra Stan / "Mr. Saxobeat" (2011)
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ATC... ugh, where to begin. The guys were not attractive, the main singer had such a fake smile, and their music sounded awfully cheap even for Eurodance standards. After "Around the World" they had five more singles charting on the German Top 100, but luckily they disbanded after their second album had flopped.

Some more:

Kaoma / "Lambada" (1989)

This is a classic and timeless tune.


Tarkan / "Simarik" (1998)

The first Turkish artist to gain mainstream attention in Europe.


Bellini / "Samba de Janeiro" (1997)


Outlandish / "Aicha" (2003)


Alizee / "Moi... Lolita" (2001)


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AH I love the dance mix of Northern Sun--that was actually a pretty strong album with a lot of good Rick Nowels writing/producing.

I did hear some of ATC's other songs (only the first one was a hit here) and remember them sounding virtually the same.

I LOVE Moi...Lolita and both of Alizee's first two albums which of course were written and produced by the brilliant Mylene Farmer and her producer/co-writer Lauent Bouttonant who discovered her.

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Ah.... "Boten Anna". Yeah, that was a Top 10 hit in Germany as well. Strangely enough, the original Swedish version charted in 2006 and peaked at #9, while the revamped English version charted a year later, but failed to reach the Top 10.

I never knew there was another version of "Bailando".

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I loved this song. It's such a shame that the lead singer died. :(

Mel C's I Turn To You was HUGE the summer it came out. It played at every club I went to on an hourly rotation. People went nuts for it every time.

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