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Y&R Promo: Sharon vs Victor/ Phyllis and Ronan

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I was going to say! Miss Hepburn is spinning in her grave as we speak!

So you guys know that they are burning down the Newman ranch on Y&R, right? According to DC:


Anyhoo, some fans have been tweeting MTS and Eric Braeden about it and this is why I love Twitter, because EB and MTS responded in their Victor and Nikki personas:

21h 3482a685b2654a5cf8791ed146ca7b0d_normal.jpeg Skyla Moorman@SkyLizzels

i can't believe they are going t make Sharon burn down The Newman Ranch, are you kidding me here??? Sharon??? total char destruction! #YR

20h 817zv3yh511564iu51w8_normal.jpeg Rachel Rayburn@SweetHott74

@SkyLizzels She's pretty unbalanced right now. And then they can rebuild it! It's so outdated. #YR

20h 3482a685b2654a5cf8791ed146ca7b0d_normal.jpeg Skyla Moorman@SkyLizzels

@SweetHott74 the rumor is it won't be rebuilt, personally i don't find The Ranch outdated, it's a Y&R staple... i'll be sad to see it gone

17h 817zv3yh511564iu51w8_normal.jpeg Rachel Rayburn@SweetHott74

@SkyLizzels I just hope Victor @EBraeden and Nikki @MelodyThomasSco don't move into the GCAC. #YR

14h eric_normal.jpg Eric Braeden@EBraeden

@SweetHott74 no,motel 6 near the Subway, remember? Btw, great food at subway!

14h wm.Melody020711_625628__1__normal.jpg Melody Thomas Scott@MelodyThomasSco

@EBraeden Deac...A friend of mine used to stay there.I demand we have Taco Bell once or twice! RT

14h eric_normal.jpg Eric Braeden@EBraeden

@MelodyThomasSco it wasn't with me??? Who the hell was it???

14h wm.Melody020711_625628__1__normal.jpg Melody Thomas Scott@MelodyThomasSco

@EBraeden Uh...That girlfriend of mine from AA.

12h eric_normal.jpg Eric Braeden@EBraeden

@MelodyThomasSco oh yeah???


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