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Days: Melanie/Nick & Kristen

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I've watched DOOL on and off for about 10+ years. But I didn't watch when Mel and Nick were an idea or what not.

Can someone please fill me in on their SL so I won't feel so lost when he's back

Also on Kristins last storyline


I appreciate it =)

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Nick ended up killing Melanie's father at the time Trent Robbins. Nick also got addicted to pills and went loopy and started stalking Melanie. Nick was finally arrested for Trent's murder and sent to prison for two years.

Kristen's last storyline:

John stood trial for Tony/Andre's murder, Andre had actually "killed" himself. Kristen testified that she thought John was guilty and he was sentenced to death in the gas chamber. Marlena had stood by John's side. On the night of his execution, John wrote a love letter to Marlena stating she was the only woman that he had ever loved and nobody came close. John ended up getting saved while in the gas chamber. Everyone returned to Salem, and Kristen & John despite trust issues decided to get back together because John felt that Marlena didn't love him anymore. John's letter showed up, but Kristen found the letter and realized John loved Marlena. Kristen also discovered she was pregnant and decided to hide the letter from Marlena. Marlena found the letter, but decided not to tell John because of Kristen's pregnancy. Marlena overheard Kristen revealing that she had hid the letter and threatened to tell John the truth about Kristen's deception. Fearing Marlena would destroy her relationship with John, Kristen decided to help Stefano kidnap Marlena. John ended up saving Marlena and Marlena soon discovered that Kristen & John were the only people who knew which plane Marlena was on. Marlena once again threatened to tell John the truth about Kristen, but once again Kristen convinced Marlena to wait until after Rachel's (Kristen's mother) surgery. On the plane, Marlena realized she wasn't with Rachel, but it was Stefano who kidnapped Marlena and took her to Paris where he had her looked in a cage. After a few months, John & Kristen went to Paris and rescued Marlena. There was a huge explosion which caused Kristen to lose her child. Kristen faked her pregnancy out of fear John would leave her. Marlena agreed to keep quiet about Kristen YET AGAIN due to Kristen's fragile pregnancy. Marlena began to become suspicious of Kristen's pregnancy and Kristen not wanting John to touch her belly. Stefano hired a woman named Susan Banks who was pregnant and looked exactly like Kristen with the right make up. Susan gave birth and Kristen took baby Elvis. When Marlena was about to tell John the truth, Kristen had Marlena locked in the secret room in the DiMera mansion. Susan who was secretly married to John wanted a life with John, so she ended up locking Kristen in the secret room with Marlena. Marlena & Kristen were rescued during John & Susan's Elvis wedding and Kristen's lies were exposed. John left Kristen and started his life over with Marlena. Kristen refused to give up on John and brought back a very much alive Roman Brady at John & Marlena's wedding. Marlena was forced to pretend she was still Roman's wife while John pretended to be with Kristen. Kristen was then "killed" when John & Marlena found her body in the swimming pool. However, it was really Penelope, another twin of Susan's. Kristen was secretly disguised as Susan and planned to leave Salem with Elvis Jr. The real Susan was being held prisoner in the harem. Susan escaped and her and Edmund had Kristen sent to the harem where we last saw her being put in a dungeon realizing that Marlena had finally won.

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Max Brady, the adopted son of Shawn and Caroline Brady, was reunited with his biological father Trent Becker when Trent returned to town in 2008. Trent revealed Max had a half-sister, Melanie, who Max was determined to reunite with. Max learned Melanie was living in France and was a bit of a hell raiser. Max and company tried to help Melanie, including Nick. On a yacht, Melanie was nearly raped by one of Trent’s business associates, but Nick saved Melanie and was shot in the process.

Melanie and Nick dated briefly when Melanie arrived in Salem. At the time, Nick was working on an alternative fuel project and I believe Melanie saw dollar signs in Nick’s eyes. Melanie’s vile dad Trent ended up dead and Nick was arrested for a DUI shortly after. Nick became more and more unhinged, kidnapped Melanie, and revealed he had killed Trent. Nick was arrested and Melanie was very cruel to him. It was Nick who asked Maggie to look after Melanie after everything he had done. At the sentencing hearing, Melanie planned on saying things in order to ensure Nick went away for a long time. Melanie was convinced to speak on Nick’s behalf and Nick ended up receiving 18 months in prison (this was in January 2009).

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