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2012 Daytime Emmy's Discussion


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More on Cady... the other thing I heard is that she refused to believe that people adored the idea of Tad and Dixie with Dixie as the naive, sweet heroine who was victimized by the evil Adam with Tad rushing to her rescue to "save" her. She constantly pushed the writers and producers to make Dixie edgier, less sweet, less naive, which probably explains some of the odd hair choices she made over the years, trying make Dixie at least look edgier.

She basically implied she'd had a mini-breakdown around the time of the first super-short haircut, and so many people questioning her about who and what she was led her to question herself, etc.

A lot of fans did hate the image of evil Adam and saintly Dixie, but she was always much better as the long-suffering, self-righteous heroine than she may have believed. I don't think "edgy" Dixie worked that well, because it was just a little too hard, a little too cold, a little too sharp.

I won't say I'll watch anything she does, because I couldn't stand any of her late 90's stories, but generally I think she's one of daytime's best and most direct actors. It's too bad this last decade was so nuts.

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