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DAYS: Jason47's Tribute: Goodbye, Lexie Carver..Farewell, Renee Jones

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Jason47's Tribute: Goodbye, Lexie Carver...Farewell, Renee Jones

After two decades of playing Lexie Carver on "Days of Our Lives", Renee Jones bows out gracefully next week when Lexie passes away in Abe's arms. As "Days" fans prepare to say goodbye to Lexie and farewell to Renee, please visit http://www.jason47.com for a very special tribute to the life of Lexie Carver and to Renee's many years on the show. From her early "Days" as Nikki Wade, Abe's secretary in 1982, to all of her years as Abe's wife & Theo's mother, take a look back at many Lexie scenes. Plus, reminisce with many of Renee's interviews through the years. And be sure to check out the special Jason47 tribute video to Lexie, featuring the debut scenes of all four actresses to play Lexie, followed by a moving goodbye in pictures. Make sure you have your tissues ready for the last 90 seconds of the video. All that and more at http://www.jason47.com/days/lexiecarver.html

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I'm scared to watch sad.png

It's a wonderful tribute, because it shows the first Lexies and then Renee's first appearance (wearing such dated early 90's hair and blazer, but still looking gorgeous). You should watch it. It's not sad at all. The end might be but most is just great, old clips.

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