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ABC 2012 Mid-Season Schedule


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ABC 2012 Mid-Season Schedule


8pm: Once Upon A Time

9pm: Desperate Housewives

10pm: Pan Am

10pm: Good Christian Belles (March 4)


8pm: Dancing with the Stars (March 19)

10pm: Castle


8pm: Last Man Standing

8:30pm: Work It (January 3)

9pm: Celebrity Wife Swap (January 3)

9pm: The River (February 7)

9pm: Dancing with the Stars (Results Show) (March 27)

10pm: Body of Proof


8pm: The Middle

8:30pm: Suburgatory

9pm: Modern Family

9:30pm: Happy Endings

10pm: Revenge


8pm: Winter Wipeout (January 5)

8pm: Missing (March 15)

9pm: Grey's Anatomy

10pm: Private Practice


8pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

8pm: Shark Tank (February 3)


10pm: 20/20

No timeslot yet for: Scandal (Drama), Apt. 23 (Comedy), Cougar Town (Comedy)

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Pan Am had TONS of hype, relatively ok reviews (with some oddly great ones) and apparently was by network standards very expensive, so by those standards it definitely was the biggest flop, but really I think it was a respectable flop compared to some of the other disasters (most mentioned). I found it... pleasant and that was the problem. They seemed to have hired everyone but someone with a really strong story vision.

I think GCB (stupid new name) has some potential to at least be enjoyable like the first season or so of Desp Housewives--it has good producers, a pretty strong cast, and with Steel Magnolias/SoapDish scribe Robert Harling at the helm has some potential (though screenwriters and playwrights like him have floundered before--particularly at ABC where by all reports Baitz was driven away from Bros and Sis and Craig Wright not allowed to do what he wanted with his Dirty Sexy Money so we'll see. As well the era of the "drama/comedy" witty soap seems to have passed.

I also had some hope for The River and will check it out--the trailer looked messy but intriguing for network tv and maybe actually genuinely scary. Now that I see it's scheduled for 9pm (and horror shows already have to be fairly neutered on network tv, especially in the era of Walking Dead and American Horror Story shock wise) and not 10 I'm kinda wondering WTF?

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