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OLTL: Another Actress Returns


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Fiona Hutchison Posted

Brace yourselves, I have some wonderful news to share with all of you. I am returning to One Life to Live as Gabrielle. I have two shooting dates. Keep in mind, these are not air dates, but shooting dates. The first shoot date is Tuesday, October 25th; the second shoot date is Tuesday November 15th. If you happen to be in New York City {DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OUT AND FLY IN, I'M SERIOUS!} please, by all means, feel free to stop by the ABC Studios and chat. Obviously, for fire safety reasons as well as security reasons, I cannot bring any of you into the studio. But I do take breaks and I will be sure to slip away as much as I can to come out and 'hang' with my 'posse' {Bridget thinks it's hilarious and always dares me to say 'posse'}. I Have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they have in store for Gabrielle. She is dead but with daytime, who knows? I swear I would tell ALL of you if I knew what was going to happen. I have no script as of yet.

Also, feel free to contact the people at Prospect Park as well as my dear friend Executive Producer Frank Valenti if you'd like to see me on the web version of OLTL. I'm not certain what the plans are or if the final deal has been sealed... but I WILL BE heading to Los Angeles to shoot a role on the web series, The BAY! Gregori Martin is "visionary" and I could not be surrounded by a more down to earth, brilliantly talented cast! I cannot wait to start!!!!!!

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