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Your teeth... or your hair?


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It's sooo weird because I'm really used to combing my hair back (because I used to always think letting my curls show would be gay and I HATE when people think that about me because I feel superior to everyone and I get depressed) but I just recently had a falling out with myself and was like "Who gives a F*&#!!" so now I shake my hair out and let my curls show and all these girls at my job like it. They even asked me if I got a perm. I was like.....WHAT??? So now I let my curls show and comb my hair back (it's nice to alternate). This is really hard for me because I was blessed with straight teeth. I'd have to say keep my hair because I could always get fake perfect teeth and I don't think anyone would know the difference. I mean who's thinking hey does this guy have fake teeth or not? That just doesn't really cross people's minds much. At least I don't think so.

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