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Robin Strasser - The House that Cried Murder

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I was wondering if any of you have seen this. Aside from a limited amount of footage of Robin as Rachel on AW, this is one of the only projects I know of that captures her around that age. She has a very unique look, sort of beautiful/rough...I think she grew into her looks and was stunning by the time she joined OLTL.

This is a very very cheap horror film which almost immediately turned me off with the lengthy scenes of Robin and fiance wandering around to a child's voice going "bapabahbahbapbah", like a cross between Manos Hands of Fate and some of those Christian kids shows from the 80s like Sunshine Factory. The shots - usually wandering in fields or by the pond - are like something from an Afternoon TV cover of that era.

Robin plays an insecure but driven young woman who has a quasi-incestuous relationship with her father (they cut to her sitting on his lap and kissing his cheek to her kissing her fiance), who marries a hunk at daddy's company over daddy's objections. Daddy is proven right when - after an interminable wedding reception sequence which features gruesome close-ups and out of place ramblings about atheism and modern life - the groom porks his girlfriend on the wedding day.

This leads to a moment from Robin that would have those who find her OTT now running for the hills if they watched her then. She lunges at him with a pair of scissors (he survives) then staggers out to the reception, her dress bloodied, tearing at it, shrieking random comments like, "You shoulda seen the other guy!" before demolishing the wedding cake and driving away.

Robin takes a backseat (no pun intended) after this, as the groom and his very badly acted girlfriend are tormented, with the girlfriend having a kitchen scene that is one of the worst I've ever witnessed.

Robin and father return for a surprisingly terrifying finale I won't spoil.

So have any of you ever seen this? And is this the film that Robin and Larry Luckinbill were going to produce or put money in?

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Yes, we got this off of Netflix a few years ago, and I felt everything you felt down to the point about this being as close to her Rachel as you can get save for the few kinescoped episodes and audio clips floating around out there. It came on a dvd with two other schlocky horror flicks.

That opening was such a trip, totally crunchy early '70s and it went on FOREVER. "Buh-BAH-bah-bah-Buh-BAH-bah-bah", someone on IMDb described it as bad Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. I thought the mod house they used in woodsy CT was pretty cool though. Even though Robin is gone for a good chunk of it, it's still worth the rental for any Robin fan. And Carl, wouldn't you agree that it was kinda

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