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OLTL: SOD 2011 Preview


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Courtesy of: michr1841 at SOC.

Clint/Inez-Clint's actions are going to explode a bomb and have consequences for everybody.

Nora/Bo-Will they be able to survive as a couple with what went down with Eddie and were they involved with his death? Will they find out about Clint?

Vicki/Charlie/Echo/Dorian-Same old stuff with Echo continuing to start trouble with Vicki's life. Dorian will continue to try and help Vicky by trying to find out about Rex's parents. She thinks that will rid of Echo.

Vimal-His wife comes to town and they both factor heavily into the paternity stuff.

John/Natalie/Marty-Mary goes crazier but how crazy is she? If she was that crazy why didn't she already take Natalie down?

Joey/Aubrey/Kelly-Kelly is set on finding out the dirt on Audrey because she thinks she is up to no good and asks Rex for help. Something does happen between her and Joey where you see if something is still between them from years ago. We find out Aubery's mystery person is Cutler.

Blair/Christian-She starts off the new year with Christian and they wake up in bed together. Ted King (now as Tomas) plays into the mystery box story with Blair.

Todd/Tea-Mostly about Todd reacting to Nate and James being in Dani and Starr's life and how he reacts to both. He also gets pulled into the mystery box story.

Rex/Gigi-Happy going into the new year. A new story starts that involves Shane.

Ford/Nate/Dani/Lang-They are all involved in the Eddie stuff. There is a big secret surrounding it that won't be revealed until later. Ford and Lang are built up to their big Valentine's Day date and also build up to the romance of Nate and Dani.

James/Starr-They ring in the New Year with a mutual kiss. Starr has growing feelings for James but continues to feel guilty because of Cole.

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I think Marty will keep her mouth shut, and Natalie will be found out later only for it to come out that Vimal changed Natalie's results instead of Jessica's and that John really is the father. At least I hope so, because Ford really being Jessica's baby daddy is just sick and stupid.

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Am I the only one who think Natalie is in trouble, regardless of what Marty does? Even if she confesses, how will she explain that she waited this long? What if there is a problem with the baby and a donor is required - something that alerts people as to the baby's real biological dad? AND, if John is the real father, can he forgive Natalie for lying to him, going behind his back with the paternity tests, and - along with Brody - threatening John's ex and friend Marty, at a time when she was extremely fragile, that if she spilled the beans about the paternity, they would send her to prison? That's a lot of wrongdoing, although the writers are hell-bent on making the audience sympathetic towards Natalie by making Marty a psycho, so Im sure none of that is going to factor into anything.

Aside from the myster box, there is nothing new or informative about the 2011 preview.

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Additional OLTL previews for 2011:

Todd will do something underhanded and Tea will give him a disapproving look.

Starr and Hope will get kidnapped.

Rex will break into somebody's house to snoop.

Someone will be charged with a very serious crime and just decide to walk into court and plead guilty.

Blair will sing.

Marty will spend more time talking to herself than talking to another character.

We will learn that Nate didn't kill Eddie.

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Slightly off-key, no doubt.

Previews sound good overall. What's nice (although sometimes annoying) is that their scenes are always so short 'n brief and they always feature so many characters in one episode, that if you don't particularly care about certain characters (i.e. John, Natalie), their scene is bound to be over within 7 or 8 seconds.

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    • I think we're nearer the tipping point where SCOTUS will have to finally be overhauled, tbh. It will take time but it's rattled the general public.
    • Was she up for the part Julia Stiles got, I wonder? Dexter's equally crazy mate? I'd assume so. Claudia and Johnny were weirdly intimate together from the jump (and again, I felt it suited the very gothic characters) so I'm not sure I fully agree with that complaint, though I can understand not wanting it to be made more textual. I've seen too many women like Sarah Brown dismissed as crazy or irrational over the years only to be vindicated through the passage of time. So I'm sure Sarah has a lot of very valid and true complaints about her ordeals with her ex, some of her work at GH, etc. But I'm not sure what she wanted Jackie or others to do, or about what instance specifically.
    • I've seen several people suggest this is to save face for some terrible rulings to come. I don't doubt it, although I don't want to take for granted that we're near the tipping point where SCOTUS will have enough Alito types that they won't even give these crumbs. I wonder if Roberts, always so anxious and angst-ridden about public perception of the Court, finally feels foolish for boasting about the end of racism when he struck down most of the VRA. 
    • Per what I can recollect (as it was late and honestly some fans really are tone deaf when talking to her), it went like this: SJB was up for auditioning for a role on Dexter, and Guza heard about what the character was and over a weekend completely came up with the idea of Claudia wanting to do "inappropriate" things with Johnny, and this upset her. So she went to Frons and talked about her previous experiences at ABC, et al, and they refused to change the storyline, so she decided to leave. This, on top of what Scott McKinsey did, is what soured her experience as Claudia, despite wanting to be there in that role. As for Nancy Lee Grahn & Vanessa Marcil, she's upset neither spoke out in support of her, but she also understands why some (like Grahn) cannot because they have their own families to support and think about. She also mentioned how she and Jacklyn Zeman fell out 20 years ago because she asked Zeman to support her and her claims, and Zeman declined. But that Zeman reached out a bit ago and she chose to forgive and just embrace Zeman, despite still wanting an apology for what went wrong.
    • I'd forgotten about that. That makes a lot of sense.  Sorry for not tagging you. Hard to remember a lot of the names.
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