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  1. I think so, if it was another role on another show, I think she would have said instead of being vague. She either starts filming the new GH role tomorrow or is getting her look changed for the new role, like a hair cut and dye job.
  2. Errol did you get any scoop if John and Starr will be recast and if Easton and Alderson will join PP, stay on GH or be on neither show? Thanks.
  3. Any idea what is going on with Easton and Alderson and we might find out what is going on with them and John and Starr
  4. Maybe Errol or someone else can answer this but I have been reading that PP hasn't even talked to Easton or Alderson, is that true? If so, what is PP waiting on?
  5. So if PP still hasn't come to an agreement with ME and KA, does that mean they are going to recast? I mean isn't time running out and I guess since ME and KA haven't been released, GH plan to make them new characters. I suppose ME could play a relative of Caleb's, but who would KA play?
  6. any news on KA and ME? I saw there was no John or Starr listed in the cast
  7. so do we think since there is no recast John or Starr that the actors are doing the crossovers, like RH?
  8. Robert Gorrie is playing Matthew Buchanan, saw the list on SOD site, no mention of RH in the cast list or ME and KA, but no recasts either, not sure what that means
  9. so is today some big press event for the two shows, I hope we get some news
  10. Errol, any chance we might get word on the OLTL actors that are on GH and their status tomorrow?
  11. do you think you will get word on what is going on with ME and KA? I am just ready for a final word on them, like we had with RH