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Jerry Lewis Telethon


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Jerry has (understandably) appeared in less and less of the telethon over the last decade. They have a lot of other hosts to carry through the 21 hours. I guess I can see why they might have decided to just go with a shorter telethon which could use Jerry more effectively, but I will miss the longer telethon. Even if I didn't watch all of it it was nice to see a variety of acts on TV, many of whom cannot get on television at all, aside from America's Got Talent.

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I dunno....I think there's the potential to do what soaps have done...try to appeal more to a demo that won't be watching while driving away the ones who do. $50 million plus raised in 6 hours? And if the meaning between the lines (since they barely mention Jerry and people seem to be speculating about that) is one of Jerry Lewis' role being further diminished or cut, I think that would turn even more people off. MDA thinks the shorter timeframe will attract bigger name celebrities? Why? They aren't there longer than their skits/songs/commentary anyway. I don't think Charo or Ray Romano is sitting there answering phones for hours. I guess maybe they want George Clooney sitting there being seen on camera??

On the one hand, I personally do think it could be shorter (maybe not 6 hours short, but like let it run one day, maybe 10-12 hours or something, not overnight) because, I'm sorry, some of those acts are just plain awful and others (cough, Norm Crosby, cough) are just plain worn out. On the other hand, I think it has the potential to have the opposite effect of what they want. I think it's a big gamble that could go either way.

I wonder what will happen when Jerry either passes on or is too ill/feeble to continue. The CP telethon didn't continue much longer after Dennis James died. Maybe this is their way of beginning the process of taking more focus off Jerry as the most famous face/supporter of MDA. If that's the case, and it isn't mutual, that would be some kick in the teeth after what he's done for them and it would probably be a disaster for them PR-wise.

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    • My guess is that ABC ended up getting younger viewers (high school and college aged) that didn't want to watch soaps that their parents watched (which were P & G).
    • Late 1970s was ABC huge rise and P&G shows tanked. Did viewers suddenly switch over from P&G to ABC, or did ABC get a whole bunch of new viewers? Y&R was going strong in the late 1970s but would stumble in 1980 after expanding to one hour and changing time slots.
    • Agnes Nixon saved Another World from being canceled in the late 1960s and it rose to No. 2 in the ratings defeating General Hospital in the time slot.   When ABC saw what Agnes Nixon did with AW and what happened to GH, ABC approached Nixon to create a soap for ABC....One Life to Live debuted in January 1968 and Nixon finished up her headwriting duties at AW.  Then based on OLTL's performance, ABC wanted another soap. Agnes presented All My Children to ABC and the rest is history.   AW was near the top of the ratings from the late 1960s until its collapse in 1979 with GH's giant rise.
    • I had no idea Another World was ever #1.
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