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OLTL: Valentini & Carlivati Ink New Deals

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TV Guide

One Life to Live Gets a Jolt of Life With New Producer Deal

Maybe this will help put those pesky cancellation rumors to rest. TV Guide Magazine has exclusively learned from ABC that the network recently struck new deals with One Life to Live executive producer Frank Valentini and headwriter Ron Carlivati. Valentini, who yesterday celebrated his 25th anniversary with OLTL, has signed a two-year contract to remain with the show. Carlivati's contract is for three years. Unlike CBS and NBC, ABC actually owns its daytime dramas, so the concept of a show pick-up doesn't really apply here. Thus, this news is as close as it comes to ABC acknowledging its commitment to keep the show on the air. Next week, I'll bring you the first post-deal interview with Valentini and Carlivati, in which they discuss their new lease on Life and where they plan to take the show in the future. In the meantime, can we all just relax a little bit?

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Not surprised FV was renewed after I read Errol's post that OLTL is only ABC soap able to come under budget.

I AM surprised RC was renewed after all the rumors he lost all power after KISH was ousted and he'd be out of a job shortly after JP came onboard. Apparently, there was as much truth to those rumors as FL fired.

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    • I watched. With all the cursing they were doing, I can’t imagine anything being audible with all the bleeping they’d have to do for the Bravo broadcast. I know Lala and LVP are apparently on somewhat good times, but Lala needs to watch her mouth. Very disrespectful.
    • Yes, I was just about to say @Liberty City that there is an extended cut...and here you have it. lol. Though I think I want a different kind of extended cut of it. If that makes sense.   I'm an old school raver so I understand.   I live for remixes.     
    • Glad to see Diane get freed.  So wait Noah has now moved to the UK and has now opened a glam club there while Allie now lives in Paris? I doubt we’ll ever see them again.   Nate & Audra are fun to watch.
    • Maybe she can rent a room from Edward Snowden before they both get shipped to fight Ukraine.
    • By clips of course. But I loving the extra footage like the reveal that Tom allegedly lied he and A were in an open relationship to get at Raquel.
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