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OLD Y&R Cast List, April 1990 (from SOD)

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Just for fun, here is an old "updated" Y&R cast list from April 1990! I kind of feel there are some people who should have not been on this list, but oh well... This came from the May 1st 1990 edition of SOD.

Morey Amsterdam-Morey

Nina Arvesen- Cassandra Hall

Peter Barton-Scott Grainger

Lauralee Bell-Cricket Blair

Peter Bergman-Jack Abbott

Laura Bryan Birn-Lynne

Eric Braeden- Victor Newman

Tricia Cast-Nina Webster Chancellor

Lilyan Chauvin-Lil

John Castellanos-John Silva, (they have it as ROBERT Silva in the magazine for some reason...)

Colby Chester-Michael Crawford

Jeanne Cooper- Katherine Chancellor Sterling/ Marge- (they don't actually have that listed on here, but i decided to put it cause its true.)

Michael Corbett-David Kimble

Barbara Crampton- Leanna Randolph

Todd Curtis-Skip Evans

Michael Damian-Danny Romalotti

Doug Davidson-Paul Williams

Mark Derwin-Adrian Hunter

Don Diamont-Brad Carlton

Jerry Douglas-John Abbott

Brenda Epperson- Ashley Lassiter

Michael Evans- Douglas Austin

James Michael Gregary- Clint Radison

Stephen Gregory-Chase Benson

Brett Hadley-Carl Williams

Fay Hauser-Salena Wiley

Kate Linder-Esther Valentine

Ryan MacDonald-Robert Haskell

Melissa Morgan-Brittany Norman (I thought she had left by this point)

John O' Hurley- Dr. James Grainger(same, thought he had left already too)

Tom Palmer- Bert Fowler

Anthony Pena- Miguel Rodriguez

Nathan Purdee- Nathan Hastings

Marguerite Ray-Mamie Johnson

Tracey Bregman-Recht- Lauren Fenmore Grainger

Quinn Redeker-Rex Sterling

Melody Thomas Scott- Nikki Abbott

Mary Sheldon-Nan

Ruth Silveira- Shirley Haskell

Christopher Templeton- Carol Robbins Evans

Jess Walton-Jill Abbott

Patty Weaver-Gina Roma

William Wintersole-Mitchell Sherman.

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Below are the openings from this time period. The first two didn't last very long, with Veronica Redd replacing Raye not long after and then Olivia and Dru were added into the Lauren opening along with a new solo of Carol that lasted until she left in 1993. As far as Brittney, I believe once the George Rawlins(who was her uncle) murder mystery was solved she was dropped. Funny how Fay Hauser is listed, but no mention of long suffering Kathleen Fitzgerald as the original Connie Wayne.

Nikki, Victor, Leanna, Scott, Ashley, Mamie, John, Jack, Brad

Lauren, Scott, Paul, Nathan, Cassandra, Victor, Skip, Carol, Jack, Nikki

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My last understanding is that bottom line Raye wanted more money and Bell didn't think Raye work as a more developed Mamie. In my opinion Redd was the better Mamie although to be fair she was a ton of material to work with.

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I always think of Margueritte Ray as Fred Sanford's wealthy, elegant, Mercedes driving girlfriend. An acting job is an acting job and this may sound weird but I kind of hope that people who only know her as Mamie are aware of that. :P I've only seen a few clips of her as Mamie but I do get the impression that Veronica was more of a sleek headed version of the character who was time enough for Jill. Ms. Ray seems too lovely, too dear (though I do belive I've seen a scene or two where she called Brenda's Jill on her [[email protected]#$%^&*], she just didn't seem like a romantic rival or a right match for John). Does anyone know how Jerry Douglas liked working with these two ladies?

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