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June 22-26, 2009


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I want SOMETHING to happen that will make tptb see that what they're doing isn't working (for me of course, LOL). But the ratings don't seem to be the harbinger of doom for the networks at all. I see them having set their course, and staying with it, no matter what. Seems the viewers have two options. Simple accept that soaps are dying and nothing can be done about it, or settle for really bad soaps.

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I agree, I'm at the point now I'm scared to look at ratings

GH seems like they are trying to do something but All Sonny's Kids isn't working for me but that is their game plan for the summer so? What can one do? GH stories are just not doing it for me. I liked the cougar storyline with Johnny and Olivia as far as a WTH moment which GH has very few twist/turns I am a Kate fan and wasn't happy how they groomed this character to take her place "on the screen"

I am glad Alexis is getting air. I can't put my finger on it...I'm just not liking most of their stories...I am loving Martha B. I just like her and I'll watch I don't give a hay what she's doing. But I haven't seen her much....I have to go back and read re-caps I've forgotten what happened this week.. They hired a new writer but its a lot of politiking on ABCD-FronsTv soaps. I don't know if a writer can get is stuff on the screen.

I know they are dying but I like soaps; why won't they just write some awesome stories...there is plenty of story to tell just tell them. Tell them well I can watch the same ole' story. I re-read books I like.

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I thought it was interesting that SoapNet again failed to mention GH in their press release for Quarter 2 of 2009 (April-June):


Ratings Highlights for 2Q 2009 (Final National Ratings)

2Q09 Ranks as SOAPnet's Most-Watched Quarter Ever in Total Viewers and Women 18-49 Driven by Record Deliveries for "All My Children" and "One Life to Live"

Growing its Audience for the Fourth Consecutive Quarter, "All My Children" Delivers its Largest Quarterly Audience Ever on SOAPnet in Total Viewers and Women 18-49

2Q09 Ranks as "One Life to Live's" Most-Watched Quarter Ever on SOAPnet in Total Viewers and Women 18-49

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" Post Impressive Double-Digit Percent Gains Year-to-Year in Total Viewers and Women 18-49

SOAPnet (2Q 2009)

In 2Q09, powered by record deliveries for "All My Children" and "One Life to Live," SOAPnet registered its largest quarterly audience on record in Total Viewers (369,000) and Women 18-49 (143,000).

Compared to 2Q08, SOAPnet climbed by an impressive 18% in Total Viewers (369,000 vs. 312,000) and by 30% in Women 18-49 (143,000 vs. 110,000).

"All My Children" (M-F, 8:00-9:00 p.m.)

Delivering its fourth consecutive quarter of growth, 2Q09 qualified as "All My Children's" most-watched quarter ever on SOAPnet in Total Viewers (483,000) and Women 18-49 (191,000).

Versus year-ago levels, "All My Children" outperformed by 45% in both Total Viewers (483,000 vs. 332,000) and by 72% in Women 18-49 (191,000 vs. 111,000).

"One Life to Live" (M-F, 9:00-10:00 p.m.)

"One Life to Live" delivered its largest quarterly audience on SOAPnet ever in Total Viewers (469,000) and Women 18-49 (183,000).

Year-to-Year, "One Life to Live" jumped by 27% in Total Viewers (469,000 vs. 369,000) and by 45% in Women 18-49 (183,000 vs. 126,000).

Source: Nielsen Media Research (National Ratings, 2Q09: 3/30/09-6/28/09, Most Current; Year-Ago, 2Q08: 03/31/08-6/29/08, L + 7.

ETA: Keep in mind, this is only data for AMC and OLTL's primetime airings. They also air again overnight, again in the AM, and again in marathons on the weekend. All of this is free money, since SoapNet doesn't have to pay a dime for either show. And SoapNet is now in the top 25 of cable stations, so AMC and OLTL don't have to worry about cancellation any time soon.

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I noticed that right off the bat I went where is GH?

I'm not surprised GH alienates many of their viewers imo

I don't watch AMC much I catch it when I can I like the Hubbards,

Tad/Crystal/JR/Jake/Amanda and Binks when she shows up.


I was watching OLTL but got alienated right out of watching it.

I'm a Renee Goldsberry / Evangeline fan I didn't like the shabby treatment she got when she hit the exit door

I went with her. Haven't watched since then.

GH is my last and I'm barely hanging on...I like Y/R and B/B/Days

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I saw that and then I was thinking that it is awfully strange that only AMC and OLTL were the only ABC soaps mention and GH was nowhere to be found. I don't see where GH helped SoapNet with their ratings, I find that very interesting when GH ratings have been so bad lately.

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I never thought I'd see GH in the onesies

I grew up watching it and it really pains me to

see that they won't listen to their fans

it might just help what have they got to lose?

I cancelled soapnet and I don't miss it

I found out it was no longer included in my pkg

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I'm pretty sure last week's horrible ratings were because of the DTV switch. It was the first full week since it happened. I predict these numbers will be level with last week, but still be down from last year.

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