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  1. Jason and Elizabeth GH. I think it would have been awesome to have two legacy family characters together. Sami and Lucas Days. Emily and Patrick GH
  2. I am glad to see Days of our Lives up in the ratings. Wow with B&B lows Yikes to GH numbers but now I wonder how low can they go without a major overhaul.
  3. I hope so too. I just hated that I thought it was true for a bit.
  4. I heard it was not true too. I admit that I only read some quotes but it is all false.
  5. I have to wonder how Nancy is taking this news. I wonder where all those Julexis fan are at?
  6. I just found out the article about Tyler was not true. I still think Varni and Frank both did not want to give Tyler what he asked for when neg his contract but will give his friends what ever they wanted.
  7. I just was saying that I miss the way Guza did his stunts and keep people on the edge of their seats with his events. I believed there was some GH highers that interfered with Guza when he was writing the show. I know head writers had their own pets, but the show was a hell of lot better than it is today.
  8. I really wish I could get Guza back just to do one of his stunts like the Metro Court disaster to kill off alot of useless characters.
  9. Glad to see Y&R and B&B recover. Wonder how the ratings for Days will be after Ron takes over. GH needs a overhaul from the top down.
  10. Michael Logan confirmed it is Steve Burton coming back to GH.
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