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A Y&R Marathon celebrating Cane and Lily

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SoapNet 4PM: The Young and the Restless


5PM: Young & Restless


6PM: Y&R


7PM: Like, OMG! Totally.


8PM: Wook at da cute widdle dawg!


9PM: Documentary: Twittering Insights: the Christel Khalil story

"I love being a actress. Young and The Restless is great."

"OMG don't tweet and drive at the same time it's not a good idea. LOL. But seriously."


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its really not a lily/cane marathon....

its a lilly/cane/chloe/billy quad marathon. reading over it it made sound as if it was just lily/cane and billy/chloe happened to be in some episodes, but thats not what it actually seems to be at all, IMHO.

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I know. I saw the epis when they first screened and the Chloe/Billy stuff had me hooked. Still, CK has been getting on my tits lately and I just needed to vent my bitchiness frustration.

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