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Could there really be new life for GL?

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Actually it originated here:

From: Sherry533 Posted: 9:07 AM

To: All

I just received a response to my e-mail to Lifetime. I wrote them asking if they had any ideas about picking up GL because of its history, longevity and fan base.

They wrote back "at first it wasn't something they would ever consider because they didn't want to become known as a "soap-opera" channel. However, we have received thousands of e-mails suggesting the same thing so now the powers that be are considering it." They added "keep tuning in to Lifetime to watch for ads during the summer showing their fall lineup".



Guiding Light Central


It's an admin at www.guidinglightcentral.com that posted it first.

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The Sherry poster is the SoapNet one.

And the twitter people keep claiming is the official one--not actually that, just a fan run one that is repeating the same soapnet rumor.

And once again, if they really are getting thousands of emails---why would they respond to one random fan? And totally change tone and everything else?

Sorry--it's just another great show of how things blow up on the internet.

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