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November 2008 Episode Rankings

A total of 18 episodes aired this month.

1. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) 17

2. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) 16

3. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) 15

*. Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman) 15

5. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) 13

*. Sharon Case (Sharon Abbott) 13

*. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor-11/Marge Cootroke-8) 13

*. Jess Walton (Jill Abbott) 13

9. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) 12

*. Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) 12

11. Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore) 11

*. Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti) 11

13. Chris Engen (Adam Newman) 10

*. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) 10

*. Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) 10

*. Kevin Schmidt (Noah Newman) 10

17. Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Ashby) 9

18. Vail Bloom (Heather Stevens) 8

*. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Hellstrom) 8

*. Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) 8

*. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) 8

22. Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) 7

*. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) 7

*. Christel Khalil (Lily Winters) 7

*. Nia Peeples (Karen Taylor) 7

*. Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) 7

*. Erin Sanders (Eden Baldwin) 7

28. Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Baldwin) 6

*. Jamia Simone Nash (Ana Hamilton) 6

30. Don Diamont (Brad Carlton) 5

*. Michael Fairman (Murphy) 5

*. Thad Luckinbill (J.T. Hellstrom) 5

*. Beth Maitland (Traci Connolly) 5

*. Eva Marcille (Tyra Hamilton) 5

*. Emily O'Brien (Jana Fisher) 5

*. Ted Shackelford (Jeffrey Bardwell) 5

*. Cassius Willis (Det. Gil Wallace) 5

38. Tricia Cast (Nina Webster) 4

*. Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) 4

*. Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) 4

*. Beau Kayser (Brock Reynolds) 4

*. Bryton McClure (Devon Hamilton) 4

*. Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) 4

*. William Wintersole (Mitchell Sherman) 4

45. Marla Adams (Dina Abbott) 3

*. Ron Brownstein (FBI Agent Oliver Dillon) 3

47. Patrick Gorman (Father Dominique) 2

*. Michael Gross (River Baldwin) 2

*. Julianna McCarthy (Elizabeth Foster) 2

*. Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Winters) 2

51. Tatyana Ali (Roxanne) 1

*. Carmen Argenziano (D.A. Dennis Elroy) 1

*. Larry Bagby (Frank Ellis) 1

*. Ann Betancourt (Estella Munoz) 1

*. Rick Dees (Bartender) 1

*. David Ginola (Alexandre) 1

*. Lorie (Juliette) 1

*. Elena Lyons (Marisol Pena) 1

*. Louis Mustillo (Joe Jr.) 1

*. June Squibb (Pearl) 1

Contract actress not appearing this month:

Tammin Sursok (Colleen Carlton)

January-November 2008 Episode Rankings.

A total of 231 episodes aired.

1. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) 165

2. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) 164

3. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) 163

4. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) 145

5. Sharon Case (Sharon Abbott) 139

6. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Hellstrom) 138

7. Chris Engen (Adam Newman) 135

8. Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman) 132

9. Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) 130

10. Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore) 119

11. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) 118

12. Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) 113

13. Jess Walton (Jill Abbott) 111

14. Ted Shackelford (Jeffrey Bardwell) 110

15. Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) 104

16. Christel Khalil (Lily Winters) 102

17. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor-99/Marge Cotrooke-14) 101

18. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) 98

19. Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti) 97

20. Thad Luckinbill (J.T. Hellstrom) 93

21. Emily O'Brien (Jana Fisher) 90

22. Vincent Irizarry (David Chow) 88

23. Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Ashby) 82

24. Vail Bloom (Heather Stevens) 81

25. Don Diamont (Brad Carlton) 80

*. Raya Meddine (Sabrina Newman) 80

27. Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Baldwin) 79

28. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) 73

29. Bryton McClure (Devon Hamilton) 56

30. Tammin Sursok (Colleen Carlton) 54

31. Nia Peeples (Karen Taylor) 51

32. Jerry Douglas (John Abbott-15/Alistair Wallingford-27) 39

33. Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) 31

*. Eyall Podell (Adrian Korbel) 31

35. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) 29

36. Eva Marcille (Tyra Hamilton) 28

*. Jamia Simone Nash (Ana Hamilton) 28

*. Kevin Schmidt (Noah Newman) 28

39. Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) 26

40. Michael Gross (River Baldwin) 23

*. Erin Sanders (Eden Baldwin) 23

42. Scott Hoxby (Walter Palin) 20

43. Hunter Allan (Noah Newman) 17

44. Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) 14

45. Danny Trejo (Bartender) 13

46. Tatyana Ali (Roxanne) 11

*. Cassius Willis (Det. Gil Wallace) 11

48. Ann Betancourt (Estella Munoz) 10

*. Tammy Lauren (Maggie Sullivan) 10

50. Laura Stone (Skye Lockhart) 9

51. Carmen Argenziano (D.A. Dennis Elroy) 8

*. Ron Brownstein (FBI Agent Oliver Dillon) 8

*. Beth Maitland (Traci Connolly) 8

54. Larry Bagby (Frank Ellis) 7

*. Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester) 7

*. Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) 7

57. Signy Coleman (Hope Wilson) 6

*. Michael Fairman (Murphy) 6

*. Kimberly Perez (Bartender's daughter) 6

60. Mark Espinoza (AFI Agent Roberto Aguilar) 5

*. David Joyner (Keith Joyner) 5

*. Roberto Sanchez (Oscar) 5

*. Bronson Pinchot (Patrick Dalton) 5

64. Tricia Cast (Nina Webster) 4

*. Beau Kayser (Brock Reynolds) 4

*. Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Winters) 4

*. William Wintersole (Mitchell Sherman) 4

68. Marla Adams (Dina Abbott) 3

*. Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby Carlton) 3

*. John McCook (Eric Forrester) 3

71. Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Dennis Okamura) 2

*. Julianna McCarthy (Elizabeth Foster) 2

73. David Starzyk (Dr. Paul Webb) 1

*. Billy Warlock (Ben Hollander) 1

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She always has that much airtime when something bigger is going on between Jill and Kay. Aside from that, she doesn't get much airtime.

It really was a wonderful month. ;)

The entire detailed recap from today's Canadian show was posted on the net.

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I disagree.

Davidson should be high up, but not number one.

Bergman and Case were on WAY too much.

LeBlanc's lack of screen time is criminal.

Bloom and Hendrickson appearing more than Khalil and Rikaart is ludicrous.

And don't even get me started on Sursok not appearing at all.

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It might be the RIGHT people for you, but not for everyone. I am glad they are using the vets more but it is pitiful how much focus has been on the Newmans and the quad once again this year. Whatever one may think of actors like Christian Le Blanc or Tracey Bregman, they are veterans and fan favorites and deserve better.

It is ridiculous that for the year Christian Le Blanc has been on 60 fewer shows than the characters of Nikki, Victor, and Nick and Tracey Bregman has been on 80 eps less.

I get that they aren't part of this sweeps and I don't have a problem with that since the focus was on Katherine, the quad, and the Newmans. But for the year, that is a very poor use of talented emmy winners. Their episode numbers are way down from the past few years and have been falling every year since LML took over. Did they suddenly become useless hacks or are the writers not using all of their talent?

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I agree good for Jess, Jeanne, and Kate because they deserve the story and screentime, but it was not perfect or flawless. I don't want the same characters dominating all year long. This is an ensemble and always worked best as one.

It is time for the Newmans to not be center stage twelve months a year and this is coming from someone who loved the Newmans but it is overkill. I need a break from them and the quad. Let some of them be on twice a week once there current storylines wrap and lets' focus on some other characters who are also fan favorites.

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Did I say I was speaking for everyone? :rolleyes:

The Newman's have hardly ever be backburned, which I guess has a lot to do with Eric Braeden, but I don't forsee them ever being put them on the backburner for an extended period of time.

Was there outrage when Michael was nothing but a supporting player up until 2004-5 or so? Honestly, that's the only time he's ever been a lead actor on the show. While I do agree he has talent, Michael's backstory has been botched by three different writing regimes. I no longer care to see him develope a "relationship" with his father, Gloria is beyond annoying and needs to written out, and don't get me started on Eden.

What more are they going to do with him? So much of what they've given the Michael character hasn't clicked, and adding Gloria into the mix doesn't help.

Since Tracey came back, outside of the relationship with Michael and the whole Sheila fiasco, she's never been an outright leading actress on the show either. Michael has traditionally been a supporting player too, so that's not new to me.

Obviously, Christian and Tracey aren't the only ones. Jess Walton can't get a stroryline for herself unless it involves Katherine. Jill was a leading character from almost the beginning of the show, I'd say that's a bigger shame. Kristoff St. John, who is also an Emmy winner and has been there for the same amount of time as LeBlanc pulled in the same amount of episodes this month than LeBlanc and less episodes the year overall than LeBlanc, again another shame. He's also given storylines that don't quite "click" and are featured once or twice a week.

The whole show doesn't revolve around one character. Yes, some characters are on more than others, but as the epsiode counts show, the the top 10 players in November were close in the amount of episode counts they had.

We all want our "favourites" on, but for me, as long as stories on the frontburner are satisfying me for the most part, I have nothing to complain about. Some stories will always be better than others, but I did enjoy a lot of what I PERSONALLY saw in November.

For Michael, I've always said the worst thing they ever did was give Michael a backstory, when he survived for years on the show WITHOUT one. The same backstory would lead to Gloria and Kevin overpowering Michael's presence on the show.

And I hope we never get a backstory for Phyllis either. I don't care to see her family, she's on enough, and I don't need a relative of her's driving storyline after storyline.

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I couldn't agree more.

Since someone asked about Esther's airtime: I would go that far that it was her busiest month ever. She was basically in any episode with Jeanne Cooper and 12 episodes is a lot on Y&R where the is cast balance. I checked my episode count archive and the highest number of appaerabce I ever had for Kate Linder was 8 in a single month. Maybe she was on more during the original Marge/Kay story with Norm but I couldn't see any other period in 28 years of her Y&R stint where she was feautured more. And before I forget, Kate Linder was great last month!

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