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AMC: Daytime Confidential's Ways to Fix the Show

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Saw this at SOC, it is from their latest podcast

Fusion: It needs to go and no longer serves a purpose. Every woman in town does not have to work there. Fusion is not a business but is more like a dorm room. The women do more gossip and talk about shared men than they do work. The woman should get more diverse jobs. One idea was to have Amanda work within the police station, like her father.

Sextet: Wrap it up and pull the characters apart. Let things click and go on autopilot, no more musical chairs pairings. The show should let the relationships be organic and stop forcing things. If there’s going to be a triangle, make it hard for the audience to decide and unpredictable. Ryan needs to stop playing the know it all hero because it’s not doing much for his character. Ryan isn’t leaving town anytime soon so give him a different story, show more of his character pre 2002. Ryan needs to pull away from Kendall and Greenlee.Additionally, Kendall and Greenlee are better and much more believable as enemies, end the friendship. Give Zach and Kendall a storyline of their own; an idea was to bring back Anton, have him kidnap Kendall and take her to Hungary with Zach rescuing her.

The Careys: Alexia Havins was a talented actress and made Babe controversial, Amanda Baker’s Babe is not getting the same response. The character is now neutral to fans and is more like deadweight. It still makes no sense having her being friends with Kendall and Greenlee. It’s OOC for Kendall to be civil with her (What happened to the fiery Kendall who stood by her sister’s side during the Michael Cambias storyline?) and for Greenlee to have given up her shares of Fusion (She wouldn’t reward someone who had hurt her cousin and Leo’s best friend). If TPTB don’t plan to bring back Brooke, Krystal can stay because Bobbie Eakes has great chemistry with David Canary; just end the triangle with Tad. Tad and Adam fighting over a woman worked with Dixie but it’s not working with Krystal.

Dixie: Get her back in any way, shape or form. When fans are screaming for her, she needs to return.

Chandlers/Martins: Adam and Tad are being ruined by plot points. Adam is a JR Ewing of daytime but would never sell Jenny or keep Kathy from Tad. Tad would never kill a human being and wouldn’t keep JR, who he raised as a son, from his child. The JR vs. Adam dynamic is getting stale. Bring back Skye Chandler (possibly Scott Chandler) and have her wreak havoc on Pine Valley, like Dorian Lord in Llanview. Have her butt heads with Kendall and Greenlee, make her Adam’s child and maybe pair her with Tad to get a better Tad vs. Adam dynamic.

Jesse/Angie: They are a great pairing to have on AMC and shouldn’t be messed with. Let them have new stories but don’t ruin them. Maybe give Angie a socially relevant storyline.

Erica: Erica going to jail was a great idea but horribly executed. Give Susan Lucci an adult, dramatic storyline rather than play cat and mouse with Jackson and Sam.

Younger Cast: Is this the same soap opera who gave us Kelly Ripa, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Josh Duhamel? Stop filling the show with newbies and cast teen actors with some work behind them. There’s too much focus on bringing in younger viewers and the teens are not relatable. Although the show is called All My Children, there are too many little tikes running around. Characters can’t have as many adventures when lugging around kids.

Getting back to the core of AMC: Agnes Nixon created a groundbreaking show and it was groundbreaking because she wrote socially relevant stories like having Ruth Martin as a war protester and Erica getting an abortion. The belief is that the show should get back to targeting their largest demographic and write stories about today’s American women. AMC originally focused on the have and have nots (Erica’s infamous introduction), it should get back to that. All of the characters have it pretty easy. Adam, Erica and Tad are the cornerstones of the show and family should be fleshed out from them. Right now there is no longer a core on AMC to stabilize the show. Beyond the writing, the show needs to reclaim its identity.

Honorable Mention: Bring back Ambyr Childers, Marcy Walker (although not against a recast) and Julia Barr.

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Some I will agree with, but the things like bring back Dixie, Brooke--sorry, don't think that's going to actually do any good. That just seems like the blanket response anyone says when trying to "fix" All My Children, and it's old and not actually going to do any good.

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I agree with everything in the original post!

I especially think Brooke, Dixie and Liza are needed back ASAP.

Brooke is an essential part of Pine Valley. She is the yin to Erica's yang; the formerly self-centered girl who became a heroine and at one time was the heart of the show.

Dixie & Tad were easily one of the most popular couples ever and with a good headwriter, could become a supercouple again.

Liza should be there to guide Colby through her teen year and imo she was Adam's true soulmate. What he has with Krystal doesn't begin to compare to his relationships with Liza & Brooke, who should be in a triangle with him, representing the good and bad parts of his soul.

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