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AMC: Thursday, July 31st

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I'm thrilled the Stupid Six weren't on for a change! I don't mind Babe/JR half as much as Ryan/Annie, Ryan/Greenlee, Aiden/Greenlee or Aiden/Kendall (Zendall don't irritate me as much as the other combinations do).

Erica & Sam actually had a nice conversation. Even though the chemistry isn't there, they work well as friends.

I loved the Jesse/Angie scenes, especially when he showed her the proof that Cassandra is lying (even though I'm sure he broke all the rules by letting her see the photos).

I'm so rooting for Pete to win over Colby eventually, but I wish they'd bring Ambyr back to play the role.

Krystal was even tolerable today thanks to Kate Hall.

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No, Jake isn't a shortened form of Joseph. It's similar to when Kelsey came on and didn't want to be called Kate anymore. If I remember correctly, Jake didn't want to be compared to his father so he changed his name.

Emily Ann wasn't Donna's biological daughter. Her parents were Donna's best friend Estelle La Tour and Estelle's ex-husband Billy Clyde Tuggle. Benny Sago later married Estelle & adopted Emily Ann. After Estelle's death, Donna married Benny and became her stepmother.

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