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A way to view the P&G Classic soaps at AOL video...............


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AOL is having major technical issues with the AW,EON,SFT and Texas videos not loading in their embedded players.

On the first day that they post the episodes,the correct URL(the one that I post at Yuku)comes up in the AOL player,but within a day or two another URL with RTMP shows up and it is a non working address.

For example,these are the URLs that come up in AOL's players and they are non active URLs...........



Using the FLV Player-S,which plays RTMP streams,is how I was able to figure out that those URLs are non functioning.


AOL must have an automated system that replaces the working URL with the alternate one,but they don't check to see if it is active.

Having said that,I recommend using the direct URLs that I have posted at the Yuku board.

The direct links that I post there should work for you,if you either install VLC media player or a codec for windows media player.

Instructions on how to view the URLs.........


Another World....


Edge of Night..........


Search For Tomorrow.....




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VLC Media player doesnt work on my computer. Usually if I catch the episode right after its posted and click on fullscreen immediately after the first commercial I can view the whole show without interruption. However this changed yesterday when I went to watch Another World Episode 4351, only the first act played in full screen then nothing. I hate AOL Video, they suck. If they were going to run these dont you think that they would make sure the frigging player worked correctly. Hulu just recently started showing Another World starting from where Soapnot left off in 1991 and the episodes play beautifully.


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I want to take a moment to thank Chuck publicly for providing the links to the aol eps. I just discovered his site a couple of weeks ago and have already managed to d/l ever ep of Edge available (still gotta work on the rest, though. lol). I'm so hooked on EON right now it's not even funny. lol If you've got the latest version of RealPlayer, you can watch the flash videos with it and view full screen and the quality (while not perfectly pristine like the old HiQ vids) is surprisingly good.

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Playing those vis via VCL is not the problem: Rather I see some person I don't like and want to skip 30 seconds... :D I can't do that with my VCL version although I cann fast-forward (but not rewind the file). Does it work with RealPlayer?

I second that shout-out to Chuck, BTW: I just briefly watched some classic Texas with the young Kin Shriner and it was very interesting starring Beverly McKinsey of course. ;)

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VLC media player doesn't fast forward very well with FLV files,but I have been using KM Player and Media Player Classic which works much better with them.



With KM player,you can set it up to play the same files together(if you clicked on the URLs and saved them),which means that you can play back to back episodes all at once.

I am also recording these videos with my DVD recorder connected to my computer and posted instructions at the Yuku board on how to do that as well.......


This is a photo of the menu from my DVD recorder..........


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