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Y&R: Spoilers for 07/21

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Thanks to the posters at SC!

Paul learns about David's past with the mob!

GC gathers for the charity gala! (It's held at the Colonnade Room and that the event will "change lives forever")

Chloe wants to prevent Cane from asking Lily to marry him!


Barbara Bloom, was specifically asked "How can Sabrina be knocked up when Victor's had a vasectomy?"

She replied that there will be shocking information about Sabrina revealed at the Gala. As well as David too.

And additional spoilers....

Michael agrees to help Glo and Jeff buy into Jabot on one condition - Jeff must fork over the jar of cream.

Jeff is cool with that, but when he goes to get it, it turns out that Kyan, his Korean girlfriend, nabbed it and took it back to Korea when she left.

Jack tweaks the Sabrina piece to include implications that she's an art fiend on the make with whatever guy will help her career. Victor goes ballistic and blames everyone at RS, Sharon is unhappy at what Jack did and rethinks her marriage AGAIN. Jack is unconcerned about messing with Victor, because he used to feel guilty about Nikki, Nick and Vicki, but now that everyone hates Victor, it's all cool.

Restless Style will ultimately be a terrific magazine and an ongoing business, which is going to hack off Victor.

Kevin and Jana get hitched in August.

Sharon and Phyllis are going to be at each other again.

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Some of these sound good, some of them not so good.

I don't really mind Gloria/Jeff taking over Jabot, because that has potential to be amazing if done right.

Glad to see Victor's vasectomy addressed!

Now the bad part is that RS is going to be a successful magazine. UGH! One can only hope that the writing improves in that aspect instead of "the cover model of the month" crisis.

Lane is a joke. This is the second time Cane proposes to Lily, and yet again it's because he's trying to prove something. Pathetic. Cane definitely has some man whore issues in the past!

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i actually like ALL of these.

the boring ones sound like they are leading to something (david's mob past; something shocking about sabrina coming out at the party; jack's dmaaging aritcle on sabrina)

also, i like restless style, but it needs something more added. as said above, what cover model of the month is a bore.

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This Gala stuff is promising. First, it constitutes the kind of game-changing umbrella thing (like GL's blackout or Metro Court) that soaps have used to redirect their canvas.

Second, Y&R has a good history with these Galas. Most notably, of course, was the costume ball that culminated in David Kimble stepping into a trash compactor. Why do I think David Chow might be headed for one of those? But even a good ole' hostage taking drama with Victor saving the day will suit me fine.

I'm really wondering what the deal with Sabrina is....

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Wow I'm actually intrigued by these spoilers...

Phyllis vs Sharon!? BRING IT ON!

Team Phyllis to the max baby!

Lol at Jack. Is it just me or does anyone love how Jack has become this guy full of mischief and mayhem. I'm just loving Jack as this good guy gone very bad routine.

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