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Parks and Recreation: Discussion Thread

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So, ever since the show debuted I've been an occasional viewer, catching a few episodes each season. I'm a huge Amy Poehler fan and always liked the show but somehow just never seemed to have the time for it. But this past week I watched a few episodes with a friend of mine while we were recovering from a SERIOUS hangover and so when I got home I decided to start from season 1 on Netflix. After two days, I'm on season 3. This show is [[email protected]#$%^&*] fantastic.

I'm in the minority in that I really loved the first season. I loved the second season 2 and enjoyed the changes they made, but I'm not sure I really understand what critics disliked so much about season 1.

I do/did like Mark but, because I've seen many season 3-present episodes, I already love Chris and Ben, despite not having been "formally" introduced to them yet, at least chronologically, so I'm not sad to see Mark go. I did like his relationship with Anne but I never really felt like he was that important.

Anne is great and Rashida Jones is fantastic.

I absolutely adore both April and Andy, and I'm so glad they decided to keep Christ Pratt after season on. I know he was initially only supposed to appear in those 6 episodes, but Chris Pratt is hilarious. Also, he's married to Anna Farris. I can only imagine how funny that household is.

Amy Poehler is obviously fantastic, as is Nick Offerman and I adore the Leslie/Ron relationship.

I absolutely love both Donna and Jerry and I think they are extraordinarily important to the show, even if they aren't on that much. Both actors are great and I think if they weren't around, it would definitely hurt the show.

I don't find Aziz Ansari particularly funny and I often times find Tom to be very grating. He's alright, but definitely my least favorite character and probably the least important character overall.

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I'm going to have a lot to say later on. I've wanted to talk more for a while but kept forgetting.

The first season was criticized for making Leslie seem too weird and having the other characters disrespect her. I understand that view, but I don't really share it. For the most part I enjoyed Leslie in the first season, and how people reacted to her. The episode where she has to hold her ground at the meeting over the park, as her mother beams, is one of my favorites. (my other favorite is the telethon episode)

Ben is a better character, but Mark is more believable to me, and I did like him.

It bothers me when characters like Mark or Ann are just dismissed as boring. Shows need characters like this.

I wish they wouldn't always just have Jerry as the butt of jokes.

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