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ATWT: Lynda Hirsch Spoilers-Week of 12/10

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Carly tells Jack she realizes they're over and she wants to help him win back Katie. Sam (via Cowboy Jack) accuses Parker of being mean to his siblings and his mom. Chris tries to revive an unconscious Bob. Chris tells the family that Bob had a stroke. He doesn't inform Kim that he and Bob fought. Kim is adamant that Chris be named interim chief of staff. Bonnie cancels her plans with Dallas to play basketball with Holden. With Noah's help, Luke walks. Luke wants Noah to spend Christmas break at the farm. Emma has a bad reaction to the idea of Luke and Noah sharing a room. Luke hints that he's ready to be intimate with Noah. Aaron learns Cole has left Sofie. Paul finds out about Barbara's role in duping Will, Gwen and Sofie and says he won't help her with Will. Craig and Meg learn they're having a boy and share a close moment. Dr. Bullock tells Meg she is a carrier for Gaucher's disease, which might affect her baby if the baby's father has it, as well. Craig reads articles on how to cause a miscarriage.

SNEAK PEEK: Will walks out on Barbara.

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