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GH: Is this soap going all Supernatural now? *Luke Spoiler*

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Here is the article for SOD that I typed up:

This week on GH, Luke hovers near death after refusing to have the bypass surgery necessary to save his life. "This is a story that Luke Spencer has never had.", says Head Writer Robert Guza Jr. "This is a Luke we've never seen before."

Indeed. Since suffering a heart attack during the Black and White Ball, the normal larger than life Luke is now frail and struggling to cope with the notion of his body giving up on him. As Tracy vents her fustrations Lukes disregaurd for his health, Monica informs the Bickersons that Luke needs the operation that night. Though Tracy is in favor of the procedure, she remains opposed to Monica peforming it, as she thinks her sister-in-law is still unsteady in the wake of Emily's murder.

"Tracy is caught in the middle of this, then things take a sudden suprising twist," continues Guza.

After Luke opts for Monica to peform the surgery, the good doctor has visions of Emily in the O.R. and freezes up, inadvertently putting Lukes life in jeapardy. Leo leaps into action, but Luke "dies" on the operating table. However, thats just the begining of this journey.

"We've got this great [story] where Luke ends up in hell, but its not the typical version of what would envision hell to be.," Chuckles Guza.

"This is Luke Spencers version of hell, so you can just imagine what that might be like.," With Skye as his guide , Luke not only goes down under but later visits heaven, "which again is not what anyone but Luke would immediatly picture[laughs]."

Lukes paranormal pilgrimage is remincent of his 2003 Dickensian journey when Spencer met with the Cassadines' sprites, who showed him a dark fate if he did not change the error of his ways.

"Tony [Geary, Luke above], Jane [Elliot, Tracy], everbody, they're having such a great time with this," adds the scribe.

Eventually, Luke does wake up happy to be alive, but can he make the lifestyle changes required to keep himself that way.

"Luke not smoking and drinking and generly carousing?" ponders Guza. "Say it isn't so!"

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You know, this is funny because theoretically speaking, GH could be (or even should be) a supernatural soap. Remember its cancelled spin-off Port Charles, which of course had the exact same setting of GH including the hospital. The show Port Charles became engulfed in the supernatural on a regular basis. All of this supernatural stuff took place within the same setting as where the characters on GH reside. I always found it funny that the characters on GH all seemed oblivious to the supernatural hellishness that surrounded them. But then again, I guess there was the same lack of symmetry with this spin-off as there was with the GH: Nightshift spin-off.

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I dont get why people are so against this. I think its a great idea and looking forward to it as it looks like fun. GH is probably the darkest show with its constant portayal of murder and violence so this is a very needed and welcome diversion from all of that drama

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