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I effing LOVE it. Candice Bergen married to Steve Forrest, who's screwing Mary Crosby? And Stefanie Powers married to Anthony Hopkins, who's sleeping with Suzanne Somers? Not to mention Stefanie stole him from Joanna Cassidy. And you have Andrew Stevens married to Catherine Mary Stewart, and then Andrew finds out his birth mother is Angie Dickinson...and his father is Steve Forrest! And Candice is a kleptomaniac, stealing Gucci bags whenever she gets upset.

I [!@#$%^&*] LOVE IT! AND MISS IT, SO, SO, SO MUCH!!!

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There's always the made-for-TV movie "The Cradle Will Fall," based on the Mary Higgins Clark novel. Several GL cast members--Charita Bauer, Jerry verDorn and others--were featured predominately in the movie and the setting was moved to Springfield's Cedars.

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Fantasies was an ABC TV movie from 1982

A crazed killer stalked the cast of a soap.

ABC daytime stars of the time appeared

Peter Bergman

Stuart Damon

Robin Mattson

John Gabriel

Robert S Woods

Susan Lucci also made a series of ABC TV movies

I think she got these as part of a renewal deal with AMC.They include

Seduced and Betrayed

French Silk

The Woman Who Sinned

The Bride in Black

Lady Mobster

Haunted By Her Past

Love Boat also did a soap episode.I think Kim Delaney and Sharon Gabet were some of the guests.Maybe others will have more info.

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