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ATWT on The NFL Today

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I did not see it, but I think it is a good idea that they are promoting the guest appearance on the show like that, hopefully more people will tune in. This should be an Oakdale now segment I think. There are also two other guests appearing in October, I wonder if they will promote them as well.

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Is this guy still playing? I doubt a veteran athlete who isn't OJ Simpson could help any show's ratings these days. -_-

LOL...no, Phil Simms has probably been retired for 15 years. He has a son, Chris, who started for the Bucs last year, and suffered a horrible injury, getting hit so hard his liver split (I think it was his liver) and had to be surgically repaired.

I think it's nice the daytime division is getting some support from the sports division...but I kind of doubt anyone's going to tune in just to see Phil (who's now a sportscaster.)

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    • I was just wondering, ... how many nights was BARE ESSENCE? But, I honestly can't imagine it in today's world. 
    • While the shared viewing aspect of big media is gone (see last night's SNL Hollywood Quiz sketch), it seems like Netflix and HBOMax are incapable of producing content that isn't multiple episodes. 
    • It's funny that they mention the shift from American Express commercials to vitamin supplement ads when they couldn't get big name sponsors because if you were to tune into Fox news on any given night that's all they sell, walk-in tubs and those automated chairs to carry folks up the stairs.
    • The New York Post explains why Dr. Phil is ending. https://nypost.com/2023/02/05/dr-phil-tried-to-revamp-in-final-months-as-sponsors-fled-sources/ For the TL;DR crowd ... It's for multiple reasons: -- The credibility's gone; people tend to link Dr. Phil with Dr. Oz. -- A-list sponsors and big-name panelists fled. -- Focusing on harder news topics didn't work. -- Backstage morale sucks; 25 jobs were cut and before then, it was a toxic workplace.
    • Yup, ABC's last biggies underperformed. Space is actually slightly more extreme than The Winds of War. It took up 13 out of a potential 16 hours in its original five-night span.   It is interesting to think how these sort of things were shared by the viewing audience. Can you imagine throwing "Thorn Birds parties" for four straight nights (during Holy Week, incidentally!) of 1983?
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