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AMC: SOD Scoops

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Thanks to Betty at SOC:

September 18 Issue

Late-Breaking News:

Spike almost dies! Hannah returns!

Zach & Kendall knock over a lamp & Spike awakens. Kendall thinks that Spike's hearing has been restored, & takes Spike to the doctor. However, Spike stops breathing during the exam - he's had an allergic reaction to the vitamin drops.

Once Spike is out of the woods, Kendall holds Ian for the first time. During this private moment, Kendall looks up & sees Greenlee, whom Erica has explained was responsible for contacting Dr. Hilliard. Kendall doesnt fight Greenlee - instead she goes to her & says she's tired of hating her - it's bad for her, her kids, & her marriage.

Hannah surprises Zach in his office. Minshew speculates that if Hannah is pregnant, the baby is Josh's. She knows Zach's code of ethics & how much he loves Kendall.


Expect some familiar faces to return to PV in early 2008.

Who's Coming:

Stacy Haiduk: Hannah returns w/ an agenda on 9/14.

Sneak Preview:

Ryan takes dramatic action on 9/18.

Performer of the Week:

Thorsten Kaye (Zach)

When Ryan blamed Zach for the events that caused Spike's condition, Slater showed he's as menacing an enemy as he is magnificent a husband, & refused to be judged by "the man who embraced Greenlee, brought her here, gave her a free-access pass to our lives...you trusted her, & now we are here".

Thumbs Down:

Erica, who once kidnapped Maddie, judged Greenlee for kidnapping Spike.

What Will Happen:

Annie is haunted by memories of her past.

Ryan decides to take matters into his own hands.

Annie may be hiding more than she's letting on.

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I can't wait to see who the returning faces are

Ryan taking dramatic action....hmm could he die?

I knew those vitamins Hilliard prescribed would do more harm than god. Shame on Kendall for not having them tested and not being suspicious

I disagree with the thumbs down. Erica has paid for her crimes and started off with a blank slate. Personally, it would be out of character for her to not be upset with someone who has hurt her family...she has always been known to fight like a lioness for her cubs. Why should she not be upset?

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