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GL: Week of August 27th-31st

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August 27-31st thread
I don't usually start the thread, but I thought I do one simply to post a video also. Who knows we might have a minor discussion about the past.

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This YouTube clip is titled Dearly Beloved Part 13. Starts with a unique music montage while on location. It's apart of a episode in which Reva is hit by a car (she has the most unortnate luck with cars). I don't know much of what is going on here, even after doing some research, but from what I was able to read up on is that some guys from some organization (Diamondhead?) are out to kill Josh. They try to run him over, but instead they hit Reva. Apparently it's from a time when the show was forced to stray away from character driven stories and focus more on adeventure oriented tales.

Getting back on topic...

WTF is up with Dinah?
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Add me in as one who uberloved the Billy and Vanessa scene today. (Dan thanks for warning us!)

I don't believe they've ever shown Maureen on the show.

Today was the first day I've taken Buzz and Lillian seriously as a couple. No lie. They were so cute and fun today. At first I didn't really know what to think about them. I mean it's nice that Lillian is finally getting some, but it seemed to me that DK was doing it because he simply had two single actors/characters over the age of 50(one being the head of his favorite family). Now, I think I might just be liking them.

Gina Tognoni continues to amaze me. What did everyone think about Matt and Dinah's kiss today?

Just when I thought I was liking something DK had written, he goes and drop the ball with the Cyrus and Alex plot. I'm not mad because he's back to his old ways, I'm upset because Alex would never be this stupid where Cyrus is concerned. At least not the real Alex.

Doris and Buzz bickering is quite fun too.

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Matt kissing Dinah is absolutely disgusting. My hope is that this is DK's way of getting rid of Matt. He used to be an upstanding lovable guy...

Vanessa looks great! Never really cared too much for her and Billy, but they are nice together. This might be fun.

Monday's show kicked ass, and today (Wednesday) is a huge EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE day. I don't like the Wednesday's shows, but when it's all about Jeffeva, I get all choked up. I cannot wait to get home today. This is completely must see!

Gina is doing a fantastic job, but she still bugs the hell out of me!


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Who knows, you guys might be right about Alex.

I just wish they could have thrown a scene in there with Alex tossing that bracelet Cyrus gave to her in the trash once he had left the room. It would surprise me really to find out that Alex was onto Cyrus all along.

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