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Best Soap Summer Concert?

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ok, I'm totally outnumbered here, but I'll give it my best shot, and yes, I'm a Constantine fan... <g>

I just watched the GH eps on youtube. Thursday's I'm presuming, where Eli is in the hospital, and Friday's, where Dr Noah is singing for him. Cute, how they have him playing duel roles. I'm presuming they did that cause the original role, Dr Noah.. has never actually sang on the show before? Rick sings a rock song, I guess it's a nice song, but not my flavor. Rick is coming out with a new CD, right? So this performance is a promotion for his CD, too? Not that I see anything wrong with that, cause, it's being used within a storyline, so as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with that, as long as the music is not the entire storyline. (I am, btw, a little irritated at the BnB storyline... It's corny... a singoff? To decide Phoebe's fate? That's so dumb...)

The Bold Face Challenge concert showed 3 acts, the first guy I don't know who he is, but it's a really pretty song, and it kinda fits Brooke's current situation.. she's a Beautiful Disaster. The second act by Elliot Yamin... His song is currently, in RL, rippin' up the charts. That's why Bridget is singing along, cause real people really know the song. The song Constantine sings is on his new CD. It's my current favorite song, so yeah, I'm kinda biased towards it. I think he sings it much better on his CD than on the BF Challenge, but it was still pretty nicely done, and it's nice seeing him sing it on a big stage with a runway.

Regarding the filming itself, BnB used multiple camera angles, a bigger more professional stage, stars in the sky lighting, lots of smoke.. <g>

Hands down. The Boldface Challenge was a class act. The GH concert was amateur hour compared to it. And we still don't know the winner of the Boldface Challenge, so the Summer Concert's not over yet... although it looks pretty obvious, Phoebe's gonna run back the Rick... cause, poor thing... he's moping around the set, looking so needy and desperate... <g>

eta: also thought of this... hope Con's song becomes his and Felicia's song... it's a nice song to remember him by, cause I'm sure they're gonna make him disappear to go on tour... hopefully only temporarily disappear..

When all that matters

has no reason

too many lights are burning out

you always find a way to bring this

wasted world back into focus

yeah, it saves me when I feel like

I'm fading into you.

Outside of the world

we get so disconnected.

Wish you were here.

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I also loved B&B's concert event.

They really made an effort, it really looked like a concert and I was impressed by all three performers. Never heard of this Jon McLaughlin before... Elliott Yamin and Constatine MAroulis were also great.

I just PRAY that RIck & Phoebe WON'T WIN the challenge. Say NO TO KYLE LOWDER! :)

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Well, you got your wish, but I think Phoebe was the real prize, so Rick wound up winning after all. Now that Donna is all over Constantine, it's almost a draw. I do agree that B&B gets points for authenticity alone. The look and feel of the event ground GH's efforts into dust visually.

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