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Y&R Spoilers: What's to Come Down the Line

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Here are some spoilers that may be interesting to some and just 'Ho-hum' to others:

Adrian has a family connection to someone in GC... Is he related to Bradski (God PLEASE spare the poor boy if he is) or Jana (something I've always thought)

Cane's uncle comes to town sometime in September....and Cane isn't on the up and up either about who he truly is...

Super sleuth JT will decide to dig into Cane's past (can't Maggie do some of the detective work sometimes besides JT?)

Michael and Lauren's marriage could be splitsville when some damaging secrets come out in the open (Probably a bone-headed decision to help his mama but kept quiet)

As Sharon and Nick draw closer together....so do Phyllis and Jack

The talk about the paternity of Summer keeps coming into play (is it actually going to happen? Do we really care?)

Adrian has a new publishing venture that could hinder many lives in GC

Gloria's friend Evan comes back and he means business when he puts a serious threat on her

That hussy Amber will latch on to Daniel as his roommate (can't she leave already?)

Nikki gets some interesting information surrounding Victor

Overall the only thing that would interest me is actually seeing someone taking down GloHo....but I know LML will NEVER let that happen. :rolleyes:

In terms of the whole "Is Nick the Father...Is Jack the Father" thing....don't know if it will eventually happen, but I saw this talked up at least three times in recent soap magazines.... and of course Latham was all coy saying "Anything can happen" This gets a double :rolleyes::rolleyes:simply because if it's to happen let it happen already and stop heming and hawing about it.

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All the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis/Jack drama has really been all played out for me. They have focused on this foursome for so long that I just wish that they would separate these couples for a while. I like Phyllis/Nick and I don't mind Sharon/Jack so I really have no interest in seeing this quadrangle play out yet once again. Between this and Gloria getting away with everything has really made me lose interest in Y&R.

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