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AMC: Monday

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Welcome to Monday's Discussion of All My Children


Today on All My Children......
-Ava and Jonathan start to make love then Ava stops it when she feels Jonathan is thinking of Lily instead.
-During their sleepover, the women of Fusion begin to bond.
-Erica ask Jackson who the million donner is
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Since McTavish took over as HW that's been the Fusion vibe - high school girl's bathroom or lockers. I will say, I prefer the juvenile bonding scenes over the juvenile Mean Girls scenes. I liked the July 4th episode and I liked the singing today. It makes me believe the ladies could actually eventually form a closeness through these little whatevers instead of sudden friendships and crap like that. And it does seem like the girls are attempting to work, and that's so unusual.

Buuut, Fusion really needs to end in the fashion it is now, they have to stop the high-school feel of it and set some of if not all these women free from it because it's not very good psuedo-storyline for any of them...unless it starts being written like an actual business.

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