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AMC Cast List 1985

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Interesting to see who's still around.Any memories of these characters?

Julia Barr - Brooke English

Peter Bergman - Cliff Warner

Vasili Bogazianos - Benny Sago

Steve Caffrey - Andrew Preston

David Canary - Adam/Stuart Chandler

Kate Collins - Natalie Hunter

Jack Couch - Dabney Paine

Candice Early - Donna Sago

Louis Edmonds - Langley Wallingford

Mary Fickett - Ruth Martin

Sandy Gabriel - Edna Ferguson

Robert Gentry - Ross Chandler

Frances Heflin - Mona Tyler

Eileen Herlie - Myrtle Fargate

Barbara Kearns - Nina Warner

Michael Knight - Tad Martin

Gilles Kohler - Gilles St Clair

Tracy Kolis - Sandy Turner

Elizabeth Lawrence - Myra Sloane

Jean Le Clerc- Jeremy Hunter

Susan Lucci - Erica Kane

Ray McDonell - Joe Martin

Matthew McNamara - Bobby Warner

Curt May - Bryan Sanders

Duncan McNeil - Charlie Brent

James Mitchell - Palmer Cortlandt

Deborah Morehart - Robin McCall

Debbi Morgan - Angie Hubbard

Kathleen Noone - Ellen Chandler

Marie Reynolds - Mickey Barlowe

Mitchell Ryan - Alex Hunter

Richard Shoberg - Tom Cudahy

Gillian Spencer - Daisy Cortlandt

Carmen Thomas - HilaryWilson

Ruth Warrick Pheobe Wallingford

Darnell Williams - Jesse Hubbard

Stephanie Winters - Julie Rand

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I remember all the characters except for those two - I assume they weren't around long. I loved the show back then although wasn't wild about the "fake" Ninas (i.e., anyone who wasn't the original actress).

These are the characters or actors who were around this year. Of course Kate was playing Janet and she is gone and Ruth is played by Lee Merriwether now and only about once a year. So there are only really 6 characters/actors from 22 years ago and only 3 of them really drive story (Adam, Tad and Erica).

As far as some of the characters, Mickey Barlowe was a character modeled after the "Mayflower Madame" - they stole that story from the headlines, who became involved with Tad (in every way - lucky woman!) Gilles St. Clair was an adventurer playboy (I think) who had a romance with Brooke. I loved Tad and Hillary together. Deborah Morehart changed her name to Hunter Tylo at the very end of her run on AMC, when she married her AMC co-star, Michael Tylo, who played Matt.

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Can't believe I remember this, but Dabney Paine was Erica's assistant when she was running Tempo in NYC. Sandy Turner was Bobby Warner's nanny/babysitter while Nina was in and out of the sanitarium. I believe she fell in love with her employer Cliff and had a short romance with Andrew Preston Cortlandt. I may be wrong about this but I think Sandy was Brooke's cellmate during that story a year earlier where she went to jail to protect her source. Sandy later got out of jail and went to work for Cliff.

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