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AMC PLUS PreVUE: Week of July 23 Edition

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Damn *sobs* Jack you are so deadtome if you stick up for Wahlee

Don't really care, can't stand Ava

This should be good, LaLucci rocks at the mama defending her cubs stuff. I know Erica's coming from a good place with this, but it's just bad timing. Hopefully this will lead to a change for the better in Zach & Erica's mother-in-law and son-in-law relationship

Damn *sobs even harder*

Of course she does, she probalby think she did nothing wrong :angry:

Of course she does, let him stew, he deserves to feel ALOT Of guilt :angry:

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Poor Zach. Poor Kendall. Poor Spike. Poor Baby Slater

AM, TK and SL are going to have me in tears

ETA: OMGosh if Erica comforts Zach after he loses his cool...hell will officially have frozen over in P.V. LOL

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