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PSSNS: Spoilers For Week Of July 9th

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Sneak Peeks From Canadian TV Guide:

Ethan convinces the blackmailer to surrender.

Fancy begins to tell Luis about Pretty.

Gwen tries to kill Theresa while being in a possessed state.

Tabitha turns herself into a cat in order to stay close to Endora.

Eve meets her son.

Gwen and Rebecca find J.T.'s USB stick.

Gwen and Rebecca learn Theresa's secret.

Julian learns the truth about Endora and Tabitha.

Sheridan poisons Theresa's tea.

Eva realizes her child killed Rae.

Coming Up: Pretty Crane is revealed to be the Blackmailer.

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Hate to burst your bubble but Pretty isn't the blackmailer. That TV Guide spoilers are very misleading. TPTB could easily give false spoiler to throw off people. It isn't Passions style to reveal so earlier come on now, usually we won't find out until a day before the reveal. Even JER said Pretty isn't the blackmailer. Today US episode confirmed that the blackmailer isn't Pretty unless there going to be a huge rewrite between yesterday and July 30 when Pretty supposed to appear.

Pretty might be involved possibly?

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It is possible that this "reveal" of Pretty Crane being the Blackmailer, might be false, and that someone else may turn out to be

the real Blackmailer later.

Remember on DAYS back in April 2004 when Hattie Adams was "revealed" to be the Salem Stalker?

You all know that quickly turned out to be untrue.

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