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GH: Monday

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Was it really necesary for GH to show that brutal scene of Sam getting beat by Amelia's father? We already know what happened and saw enough from the flashbacks but did they really have to go so in depth about it today? I felt really bad for Sam there and had a hard time watching her get beat around like that. I thought it was way too violent

Liz is a clueless bitch. Does she really not understand why Lucky does not get why she's always around Jason? He doesnt know the whole truth about what went down and to him it just seems as if she keeps running off to someone who was barely her ex for no apparent reason. If I dindt know about the baby secret, Id wonder what the hell she was doing myself.

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    • What a lovely conversation with Hayley, and the surprise visit from Melanie and Mary Ellen was the cherry on top. Hayley has great energy. 
    • @Kane After reading your profile of Linc Beecham I have some questions 1. What ever happened to his brother? 2. Why did Rebekah need Linc to marry into Zona's family if the Beechams were rich enough to take over AE? 3. Did you have a favorite Linc (of the two actors)? 4. Was Zona short for Arizona?  It is such an unusual name, even for a soap.  Or was she created by a writer known for odd character names (Eben, Egypt, and Staige come to mind)?
    • First off I wish his parents were on the canvas. I'd also like to see him have scenes with Stephanie and the vets on the show. The six or so gay characters should be on the canvas too with the arrival of Andrew.  Ron can't write anything of value for the gay characters. It truly is disappointing. Ron is too busy writing annoying and repetitive one liners for Leo. The worst gay character left on the canvas. I wish they'd give Andrew more than a supporting role but I highly doubt it will happen.
    • He is yummy. Most if not all his pictures are of him shirtless on Instagram.
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