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Y&R Spoilers: Nick/Sharon/Phyllis

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It looks like Nick will return next week to Genoa City...and stirs up a whole lot of turmoil in the process for several people.

When Nick's health takes a turn for the worse, Logan, the nurse that has been helping him, sets out to get rescued to get him back to the place that he knows. When they arrive, she immediately begins to contact the family that he knows and loves:


When she receives the call about Nick, she thinks it's a cruel joke, but goes to the hospital anyways; with Sharon and Jack in tow.

Unable to get Phyllis, who is dealing with her own drama, the three of them are floored and shocked to see Nick alive and well. It becomes and emotional reunion for Nikki, who can't believe that her son is alive.


Sharon, like Nikki, can't believe that Nick is alive. She is consumed with emotions and when approaching her ex-husband, is even more taken aback when he locks lips with her in a passionate way. Noticing that Jack is looking out in total shock, she tells her ex-husband that what he did was not thing to do. Sharon becomes even more confused when Nick states that he's kissing the wife that he loves. She doesn't know what to think when she and the rest of the family are informed that Nick has selective memory loss. When he asks about Cassie; a heartbroken Sharon must tell him what has happened to her...


Phyllis will be on the outside looking in when she gets word that her husband is alive. When she rushes to be by his side; she's devestated when he doesn't respond kindly to her. Confused, she has to be informed that he has no memory of their life together, or the fact that they share a child. Determined to get him to remember her, Phyllis goes all out with showing him things of their life together. Unfortunately for her; he has no memory at all of their life together

Now that Nick is home, it means a lot of turmoil for many lives... Who will Nick choose if and when he gets his memory back? Whoever it is, several people are bound to be left out in the cold.

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I want Nick back with Sharon. It's just so wrong seeing Sharon with Jack. I won't even touch all the problems I have with Phick.

I hope Phyl gets to feel what it's like to have her husband taken away.

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