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Barbara lied--View ratings down post Rosie!

Chris B

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Matt Webb Mitovich from TV Guide:

Was Barbara Walters' Ratings View Askew?

As part of her recent radio chat with Ryan Seacrest, Barbara Walters cheered The View's performance (perseverance?) sans Rosie, saying that instead of viewership going down, as many predicted, "Ratings are up, so we're quite happy." Cue the fuzzy math. While ABC's spin on the Nielsens flags that the talker last week was up 13 percent versus a year ago (and pre-Rosie), the overall audience (as well as its delivery of women 18 to 49) is down some 10 percent when compared to O'Donnell's final week on the show — the context within which Walters purported to be speaking. Now that's a hot topic.


Not surprising that the ratings are down and that Barbara lied about it. The only reason they're still up over last year is because Rosie gave them such a huge boost and they were in a major slump after firing Star and losing Meredith.

Is anyone still watching the show? It has been TERRIBLE, especially hot topics. Barbara shoots down anyone who dares say anything negative (or even remotely critical) about Paris Hilton and has been kissing that girls ass to get that jailhouse interview. Pretty much all of the interesting discussions are shot down by Barbara now.

They need to hurry and fill those two seats and do it fast! I'd suggest Kathy Griffin for Rosie's slot and Crystal McCrary Anthony to replace Star.

BTW, did anyone hear Barbara's homophobic remark about how now they can now discuss hetereosexual sex without Rosie? Ironic thing is that Rosie didn't like any sex talk and Hot Topics didn't suffer. Hearing them discuss mens balls dropping today was not exciting. Oh yes and one of the first post-Rosie hot topics was having girl-on-girl action brought up by Barbara! She's been doing lots of sex hot topics, but it doesn't work coming from Barbara. Rosie gave us the real issues and it got people watching.

Hopefully once the fill those two slots Barbara can go back on her extended vacation. She's turned into the worst thing about this show. She can camp her Paris loving ass out at the jail and continue begging for more interviews.

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Funny you mention Star, earlier in the week during Hot Topics Barbara referred to Star as (paraphrasing) "a woman we worked with, I won't mention her name, but she was obese." It was a discussion about when to tell someone they're too fat. I thought that was rude and when Ted Koppel mentioned her yesterday Barbara shot him a dirty look and immediately changed the subject.

I also thought it was funny when Judge Judy refused to back down to Barbara about Paris and said all the serious newscasters were apologizing for covering the story. She of course changed the subject then as well, lol.

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