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May 14-18, 2007


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DAYS reclaims 18-34, nice and long time no see. Slowly but surely they're gaining ground, that's good especially since you've all been saying the show is improving.

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2007

1.(1) Y&R: Monday: 4.1/5,320,000 (+222,000)

2.(4) GH: Monday: 2.8/3,944,000 (+639,000)

3.(3) B&B: Monday: 2.9/3,675,000 (+230,000)

4.(5) OLTL: Monday: 2.5/3,218,000 (+188,000)

5.(2) AMC: Monday: 2.5/3,156,000 (-327,000)

6.(6) ATWT: Monday: 2.3/2,916,000 (+276,000)

7.(7) DAYS: Monday: 2.1/2,624,000 (+81,000)

8.(8) GL: Monday: 2.1/2,617,000 (+87,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Monday: 1.3/1,689,000 (-84,000)

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2007

1.(1) Y&R: Tuesday: 4.5/5,839,000 (+519,000)

2.(3) B&B: Tuesday: 3.1/3,863,000 (+188,000)

3.(2) GH: Tuesday: 2.8/3,769,000 (-175,000)

4.(4) OLTL: Tuesday: 2.5/3,145,000 (-73,000)

5.(5) AMC: Tuesday: 2.4/3,113,000 (-43,000)

6.(6) ATWT: Tuesday: 2.4/3,101,000 (+185,000)

7.(7) DAYS: Tuesday: 2.1/2,560,000 (-64,000)

8.(8) GL: Tuesday: 2.0/2,550,000 (-67,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Tuesday: 1.4/1,696,000 (+7,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Wednesday: 4.4/5,804,000 (-35,000)

2.(2) B&B: Wednesday: 3.1/4,056,000 (+193,000)

3.(3) GH: Wednesday: 2.9/3,697,000 (-72,000)

4.(5) AMC: Wednesday: 2.5/3,227,000 (+114,000)

5.(6) ATWT:Wednesday: 2.4/3,170,000 (+69,000)

6.(4) OLTL: Wednesday: 2.5/3,164,000 (+19,000)

7.(8) GL: Wednesday: 2.0/2,709,000 (+159,000)

8.(7) DAYS: Wednesday: 2.0/2,597,000 (+37,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Wednesday: 1.3/1,566,000 (-130,000)

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2007

1.(1) Y&R: Thursday: 4.2/5,643,000 (-161,000)

2.(2) B&B: Thursday: 2.8/3,683,000 (-373,000)

3.(3) GH: Thursday: 2.5/3,314,000 (-383,000)

4.(4) AMC: Thursday: 2.4/3,123,000 (-104,000)

5.(6) OLTL: Thursday: 2.3/3,015,000 (-149,000)

6.(5) ATWT:Thursday: 2.0/2,715,000 (-455,000)

7.(8) DAYS: Thursday: 2.1/2,601,000 (+4,000)

8.(7) GL: Thursday: 1.8/2,435,000 (-274,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Thursday: 1.5/1,782,000 (+216,000)

FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007

1.(1) Y&R: Friday: 4.1/5,548,000 (-95,000)

2.(2) B&B: Friday: 3.0/3,947,000 (+264,000)

3.(3) GH: Friday: 2.6/3,331,000 (+17,000)

4.(4) AMC: Friday: 2.5/3,330,000 (+207,000)

5.(6) ATWT: Friday: 2.4/3,165,000 (+450,000)

6.(5) OLTL: Friday: 2.3/2,995,000 (-20,000)

7.(7) DAYS: Friday: 2.0/2,710,000 (+109,000)

8.(8) GL: Friday: 2.0/2,702,000 (+267,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Friday: 1.4/1,784,000 (+2,000)

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Congratulations to both Y&R and B&B: well deserved ratings increases. B)

DAYS: I admit the return of the DiMeras should boost the ratings, although it's a shame they won't bring back Jack too.

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I will be interested in DAYS numbers next week to see if Tony's presence warrants any lift in viewers from Thursday to Friday's eppy. Ratings probably won't come out next week until Friday because of Memorial Day so we all need to keep that in mind.

I am glad DAYS recaptured the #1 spot int he 18-34 demo, even though its only a 1.4. I am hoping DAYS climbs in the ratings in June with all the vets being utilized(I assume will happen) and the return of some faces from the past.

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OMG, stop the world, Days jumped, OMG. Sorry, couldn't resist. But no really, every week there's pages and pages of people bitching about them falling, and they jump and no one says a word? I don't f'ing think so. LOL If I have read through the "Poor Days ratings tread" week after week, then I damn well want to see a party now. ;)

I tease, I tease, well kinda. ;)

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Most of the Days fans had their accounts suspended. That's why, LoL.

I think Days is going to take a tumble next week, -.1 or .2

The show is on its way back up in quality, but I still think there's a sense of "too little, too late" when it comes to the show. It's gonna have to deliver on all cylinders for every single episode here on out in order to retain the few viewers who are willing to come back. This past week has been decent, but there were a few clunker episodes... a bit of filler.

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Oh, well that blows about their accounts being suspended. And on a week they could have done something other then bitch. LOL Anyway, I'm just having fun. :) I want GH to fall, and AMC to fall, and ABC as a whole to get [[email protected]#$%^&*] on, becaue that fat bastard needs to go yesterday, but other then that, eh, whatever.

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Actually, Kenny, last week was clunker week. Nothing really happened last week. This week the island mess ended and so did Steve/Kayla for the most part. Bo has been on every day and today's episode will get a nice boost. People read the day aheads and will watch for the vets and tomarrow will definitely get a high daily rating with J&M fans. If anything, Days will either maintain or go up +1 for this week.

However, it should be said, Days usually gets bad numbers for good week's and good numbers for bad weeks. Last week had nothing big yet it did bigger then the LUMI wedding, unless people were afraid to watch the LUMI wedding and only tuned in after hearing how good it was and how much the show improved.

Days will be at 2.1 or 2.2 next week. This is one time I am sure of that. Good to see them back at #1 in 18-34 though. Slowly recovering.

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But it's still a 2.1. Is that really anything to be happy about? I remember not that long ago there were Days fans hoping (realistically) for a 3.0, so I can see why no one is ready to rejoice over a .1 bump.

Y&R and B&B have both been great, so I'm glad they got a bump.

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