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ATWT: Emily/Alison/Susan spoiler

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If you are referring to my post NEVER in my post did I say that I wanted a story of Kim and Susan fighting over Bob!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim and Susan have a history together. First because of Dan Stewart.Second because of John Dixon. Third becuse of Bob Hughes!

What I said I wanted was a story based on history. The history of these characters! Kim has an instant distrust of Susan.Susan hates Kim.That is what I wanted.

Not everybody who watches this show started with Chris and Jean. Not everybody has a short termed memory of this show. ATWT has a lot of long-termed,very passionate fans who are not idiots and who remember the good times and are not willing to sit back and watch our show being dumbed down .

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And more recent fans in the last decade are idiots because they enjoy the show? Interesting theory there but I'm not going to lower myself and start calling people names. I consider myself to be just as passionate about ATWT as any of you. As for the history I did watch Chris and Alison's relationship a few years ago. I remember how Alison was jealous of Lucy and Aaron. And I remember Alison thinking she was a complete freak when she found out how she was actually conceived. How she drove Chris crazy at the same time and eventually they fell in love. I remember how Kim disapproved of Alison because she didn't like/trust Susan at all. And I remember Alison and Chris living together with Kim and Bob and the insanity that cause. I also remember the fun times they had when living at Susan's and then the sweet moment when they got a place of their own if I remember correctly. I ALSO remember how Alison got pregnant by Chris, ran away, and ended up losing the baby. I also remember how she accused Chris of pushing her (falsely) but then they got past it. And finally I remember Chris cheating on Alison with Emily and Aaron and Alison getting together finally. So please don't tell me I'm so retard incapable of remembering the history of ATWT because I can remember each and every major story that has happened on the show for the past 7-8 years. Besides that I've had the immense pleasure of watching over the last few years I've also researched things that happened before I started watching so I know the rich history the show has and I appreciate it. But I do think its just as good if not better than it was back then.

Bottom line is that what you said could be taken as Kim getting up in arms over Bob caring for Susan or being, "concerned". Usually in todays word that means a woman thinks that her hubby is either creeping or about to. And I just thought the idea of Susan and Kim fighting over Bob was downright funny. I'm not saying Bob and Kim shouldn't be involved but I don't think what I THOUGHT you were suggesting would be a believable storyline.

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I don't think anyone called anyone an idiot because they are new to the show, hell I am new to the show in regards to how long it has been on, I think the point that he was trying to make was that people that have not been watching for decades myself included are less angry about different history moments being forgotten because we never saw them happen, and long term fans did, I will admit myself that I don't know the history of the whole show, I have tried to pick up on things here and there on the net, and I learn more everyday about the past. If you will notice that in alot of my threads even where I might have said the show was great that day, you will see longer term watchers say no it was not because something from history was missing or the writers messed up history, those comments are fine with me because they would know not me I was not watching, also I know for a fact that I enjoy the show more than some of the longer term fans because I am more new than them, but nobody is calling anyone an idoit, it is just the simple truth that they have been watching longer, and I myself love reading responses from long term fans, because I learn alot more from them than I do with the show most of the time about the history of the show, do I agree with everything they say no, just like they don't agree with everything I say, I think that is something that you need to get a hold of is that not everyone is going to agree with you, and something I have learned in the past is that harping on an issue, something I still do sometimes and I should stop is not going to change anyone's minds, you like who you like, and someone else is going to like who they like, attacking people over what they say is not going to change there minds. Point being everyone has an opinion and they are all welcome, because not everyone is going to have the same viewpoint, Long term watchers even disagree about things with each other, same with new fans, nothing is going to change that, and nothing should because every one's opinion counts, if we all had the same opinion message boards would be kind of boring. You love the show right now and that is fine, there are even some long term fans that do, and there are also some new fans that don't like the show most of the time, myself included lately.

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I think it'd be great to see Susan getting back on alcohol. It's a storyline deeply rooted in the history of the show. Her alcoholism is pretty much why she and Emily have never really had a strong relationship. I've always thought it'd be interesting if Henry would develop a drinking problem and Susan would help him through it. It looks like the Emily/Henry friendship is over now, though, so I don't know how they'd get them connected. Perhaps they could meet at an AA meeting and then fall in love and then have Emily shocked.

Though I've never really seen her in her glory days, doing what she does best, I am a *very* big fan of the Susan character. She represents realness, I think. People make mistakes. BIG ones. And she seems to still be paying for them.

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You get what I was trying to say in my original post.

I love your idea in putting Henry in the mix. Trent Dawson is such a good actor and he is so much more capable of doing other things then being someone's white night or cutting a few rules to help out a damsel in distress!

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Here is the article:

All About Their Mother:

The Stewart Women: Marie Masters, Kelley Menighan Hensley and Marnie Schulenburg Analyze ATWT's Sad, Strong, Self Destructive Survivors.

They say we all eventually turn into our mothers, But is it genetic or is ATWT's Susan--A drunk who raised prostitute Emily and porn star Alison--just a terrible mom? An unhealthy dose of both, which what makes the Stewart Women, the volatile products of nature and nurture, so fascinating. While MM(Susan) and KMH(Emily) have been playing family for 15 years, MS(Alison) just took over the role of their "shared" daughter, Alison, but she seems to fit right in. These actresses are completely unlike, yet intensely passionate about, the deeply flawed, fatherless screw-ups they play.

SOD: Did you do anything to bond off-screen?

Marie Masters: I don't think any of us have had time, Kelley's pregnant and I'm working all the time and [to Schulenburg] you were doing double duty. Remember when you were still waitressing?

Marnie Schulenburg: Still am!

Masters: Can you believe it? It's amazing.

Kelley Menighan Hensely: Smart girl.

Digest: You're still working as a waitress?

Schulenburg: Only sometimes. I'll work, usually once a week. I like doing it. I've been doing, I guess "manual labor" for so long that it kind of feels weird not to do it.

Masters: Also, your brother works there right?

Schulenburg: My brother works there, and since I'm new to New York, a lot of the friends that I've made are through the restaurant. They've been very helpful and lenient with my schedule, so I'll help them out.

Hensley: I think that's great.

Schulenburg: This week, they want me to work Sunday brunch, so I'm going to give my Friday to someone who maybe needs the money more.

Digest: Will you work Mother's Day brunch?

Schulenburg: (grimacing): I hope not.

Hensely: Cause I'll come.

Masters: Me, too!

Digest: I hear brunches are the worst for waiters.

Schulenburg: you're understaffed and you make half the amount of money because everything's cheaper at brunch.

Hensley: I'm going!

Masters: But that's my favorite meal!

Schulenburg: It's everybody's favorite meal. But [waiters] hate it. We lose a little piece of our life every day we do brunch [laughs]. That's what we say.

Hensley: It's a thankless job.

Digest: What do you have in common?

Hensley: The first day I watched Marnie, it was a small, nothing little scene, and I made it a point to sit around because there was a beat that I was curious about how she was going to play it. I hadn't really met her so I thought " Okay, lets see who they hired. Let's see what kind of chops she has," [to Schulenburg] you took a beat and allowed that whole feeling of, " Oh, my God, my family's here, what am I doing?" All in a moment. And it was imperative that she plays that because without it, you don't have any vulnerability of the character and you don't buy it. I walked over and said to Chris[Goutman, exective producer], "Thank God, you hired her"

Schulenburg: Awww!

Hensley: But it's important because they're women who make horrible mistakes because they follow their gut and don't think. And to be an actress who follows her gut is very important. I mean, that's how Marie is, that's how I am. We don't talk about, "Okay, I am going to do this and this......" We just get out there and play the scene and allow our souls to open up to each other.

Masters:And within the frame of the scene, we're all about to improvise.

Hensley: If you drop a line, whether you mean to or not, you just listen and respond. I said to Grayson[McCouch, Dusty]today, "I secretly love when that happens." Because it just shakes everybody up for a second and you heighten your senses a little bit and you respond and go ,like in life. You wake up, Anyway, I was happy they cast a girl who has that instinct. Because you can't over think this stuff. you can't take these moments and try to define them and think you're going to play what you played at home [when you were learning your lines]

Masters: [groaning] That's the worst kind of acting in the world.

Hensley: You just learn your lines and let it come alive on the floor.

Masters: It can't be deliberate. That's just death.

Hensley: [to Schulenburg]: And you will need to allow yourself to free your soul in a way. Even though you've got three camera guys and two booms and a stage manager hovering, allow yourself to be open to anything. Which is very intimidating at first, and then suddenly it's the most comforting thing in the world. One day, you'll wake up and feel like, "Oh my God, this is so easy."

Masters: That's why Kelley's so great.

Hensley: [to Masters]: No, like you can be naked in front of them. Don't you feel that way about our crew?

Masters: I don't know about naked. Not at my age!

Hensley: Fine, back in the day.

Masters: I know, back in the day. But Kelley has a very physical approach to acting which I love, because it comes out of there body and her instinct. She's not always doing this heady, deliberate stuff. I can't even look at somebody who's doing that because there's nothing happening. But I look at Kelley and I can look at Marnie and there's something going on.

Digest: Do you think Susan has gone completely work in raising them?

Masters: You've got to look at it in terms of the story. She's gone absolutely right[laughs]! Who would write a story about three women who are perfect? It would be the most boring story in the world.

Hensley: But they are perfect in the sense that they're so resilient. They're never defeated.

Masters: And people relate to that because we all make mistakes. Big mistakes. Sometimes you spend a whole lifetime dealing with the mistakes you made. Not sometimes, all the time. I think in terms of a theatrical story, people relate to how they solve this problem. " Look at what she did: That's horrible, but what's she going to do now?"

Digest: So you think they'll bring up the fact that Alison was conceived with Emily's egg?

Hensley: Grayson and I had a scene about it today. It's very important. It makes all of our bonds so much stronger.

Schulenburg: That's why it was so important to get her better, too: Alison is the only daughter she may ever have.

Hensley: Absolutely, They may play that at some point. I think it's a fascinating story. Where Emily calls Susan on what she did with her.

Masters: Exactly. That really has never been resolved. Because obviously, Susan didn't do such a great job. However, Emily gave her over to Susan, so she's responsible, too.

Digest: Dusty is spending a lot of time with these women. How's Grayson been?

Masters: He's great. He's so much fun. He's also very focused, which is wonderful. What's interesting is that he's this very virile, handsome male presence. [to them] And I keep looking at the three of you and wondering about the possibilities there.

Digest:It could be Dusty and Susan.

Masters: [laughing]: She should be so lucky, right?

Hensley: He would. You know he would[laughs]

Masters: He could have a harem, They haven't written that story yet [laughs]

Digest: Does Alison know about Emily's prostitution?

Schulenburg: Not yet

Hensley: She will find out. Susan will too. it will cause her to drink again.

Schulenburg: She should find out about both at once. Happy Mothers Day! [everyone laughs]

Digest: What should they get her for Mother's Day?

Schulenburg: I think she'd like a full day with the three of them together, spending quality time.

Hensley: Yeah, a day at the spa, go shopping, go to lunch.

Masters: that would be a funny show, too, especially considering how Alison's drug connection keeps showing up. Life intervenes.

Digest: Marie and Kelley, your both moms in real life. What are you planning for Mother's Day?

Hensely: When is it?

Masters: May? I have no idea. It's one of those Sundays. My kids usually take me to dinner. We have a favorite Italian restaurant downtown. What are you going to do?

Hensley: I haven't thought about it. Our anniversary is in May, so I always think of that. I'm sure we'll go to brunch or something.

Masters: At Marnie's restaurant.

Schulenburg: I won't be there!

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Thanks for the interview...it sounds really nice. All three woman sound like charming ladies. I think this storyline is going to be a really great one since it has a meaning and an actual reason for coming about. Already the groundwork is there. It just needs to start and I can't wait to see how it begins and how it plays out. Hopefully Susan can overcome this.

P.S. Henry getting involved would be excellent. It really does bug me that they dropped the ball with Henry and Emily. That had true freinds or true love written all over it. He is definitely someone I can see being a major part of this storyline.

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What a wonderful interview! Really!

Marie has always come off as not only a cast member of the show but also a regular viewer. She always seems to be in the know about things involving Susan and things involving all the other characters too. It's nice to know that she's been working a lot more lately.

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