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Days:SOW spoilers

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Main story is about Sami/Lucas wedding, probably the same as SOD - Lucas learns all. They do get married. Sounds like they are gonna try and make things work and team up against EJ.

Mags reporting the returns of Thaao, Joe M., Renee Jones and Leann Hunley (yay Leann! I hope they write Anna well)

Sneak Peeks

Week of May 7

Phillip takes off with Claire

Stephanie and Chelsea's joyride ends in disaster.

Bo comes to Shawn's rescue.

Nick and Chelsea profess their love.

Can't Miss - Weds May 9 - EJ gives Steve a deadly assignment.

Week of May 14

Kayla resolves to stop Steve at any cost.

Phillip breaks down in front of Belle.

Chelsea wants to take things further with Nick.


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Lets see Phillip, Claire, Stephanie, Chelsea, Bo, Shawn, Nick, EJ, Steve, Kayla, and Belle

those are all the names listed in each of the spoilers..Besides Bo and Stephanie its the same people as before, with Lucas and Sami left out...Now i will say some of these spoilers sound somewhat exciting, but i'm really hoping come end of May/June we start getting more spoilers with other characters: Marlena, John, Hope, and Bo listed in them...I'm ready to see John wakes up from his coma in the spoilers...

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Looks like those stories are progressing towards a climax. I am intrigued by Philip's breakdown. Plus, I hope Bo and Steve have a faceoff. That would be good.

Then, after those stories get pushed and ended, we will have the big 4 and the Dimera's to look forward to.

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