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What Passions needs to accomplish by September 7

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-Reunite Charity and Miguel

-Marry Charity and Miguel

-Battle between good and evil

-Little Ethan's paternity revealed

-Jared's secret revealed

-Gwen exposed for the tabloid scheme

-Eve and Julian's child revealed

-JT's killer revealed

-Grace's killer revealed

-What Grace knew

-Bring Grace back from the dead

-Expose Fox and Julian's scheme

-Bring back Beth and Alistair

-Reunite Sheridan with Marty

-Expose Fancy for the Pretty thing

-Reunite Sheridan and Luis

-Reunite Theresa and Ethan

-Expose Endora as a Crane

-Have Whitney find out about Chad and Vincent

-Reveal the blackmailer's identity

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Pretty much every storyline and mystery they've ever done since July 5th, 1999 with the exception of like 2 or 3 things.

Clearly, we won't find any of them out because the show is only focused on three things right now:

1. The blackmailing he-she analrapist.

2. The Luis Triangle

3. Chad being a kinky closeted freak

So, they will move forward with these three and ignore its history and its past, per usual!

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It's amazing how this show was never able to end some never-ending storylines. There are a lot of soap operas which have some storylines lasting for more than a year, but some stories on PASSIONS weren't solved for more than 5 years. And PASSIONS will continue airing on DirectTV, so I think there won't be a total ending on NBC (just a minor, but yet important finale).

PASSIONS is a very slow show. Sometimes some scenes (of only talking) lasted for 3 episodes. Plus, that whole hell-closet thing lasted for more than a few months. It's too much, if you ask me. Sorry, PASSIONS, but you have to speed up "a bit."

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I wonder why this thread was bumped up after almost a month. Anyway, now that Passions has been renewed, I don't expect any of these things to occur before September 7, but that's okay because I'd rather have Passions live on than have the show cancelled and all the stories resolved.

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