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ALL: Grade your soaps

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AMC: A-: All My Children has took a 180 degree change for the better! The balance has been better, Vets are getting more air time. Also the storylines are better. they are fixing the mess that MT made. The acting has been superb. I am in love and always be in love with All My Children. AMC is on my top of my list! :rolleyes::):D

Days: D-: Days has officaly lost me. the writing is horrible! There is no balance what so ever. its all about Shawn and Belle. They storyline are crappy. But the acting is good. Days is horrible and theres no way to get me back into it

OLTL: C-: here has been good storyline but Mcbaine is like on everyday!!! The storylines are getting boring. Also the newbies are horrible. Bring back the VETS!!!!!

GH: B+: GH has been good. The storylines are good. i am surprised that they did not get nominated for Outstanding Dram Series. GH is one of the better soaps!


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All My Children: A+

I think that this is the perfect example of what soaps should be. It's got great balance, stories, and actors.

As the World Turns: B-

It's really not as bad as what everyone makes it out to be, but the writing is a bit shaky. I love the Jade/Cleo/Gwen storyline and I love Scott Bryce, so that's why it gets this high grade.

Bold and the Beautiful: C-

Boring, repetetive....I am looking forward to the upcoming death though (even though it won't be as good as hyped I'm sure)

Days of our Lives: D-

Awful. Bad writing, bad stories, bad balance, bad cliffhangers (which should MAKE soaps)...only good thing is Sami/Celeste and even that's not enough to bring it above a D.

General Hospital: Solid B

I wish Helena were used more and I detest the Carly/Jax pairing, but the show isn't bad. I like it.

Guiding Light: C

Not the best, not the worst...

One Life to Live: D

Half a point higher than DAYS because of Todd, Blair, Lindsay, and a few other of my faves. Man, in the passed year it went from an A+ down to this all because of Margaret. lol

Passions: A

JER's masterpiece. The only bad things are some of the acting and a few of the stories. Other than that, I love the stalker story and mostly everything else that's front burner.

Young and the Restless: C-

With Dru gone, I really don't know what my reason is going to be for continuing to watch. None the less, there is a pretty good balance and vets are used often....but most of the stories just don't grab me.

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GH: Honestly I would give it a B. The pairing of Luke and Tracy is hysterical, and with Alan haunting Tracy has been masterful. The Sonny/Carly/Jax pairing is getting really old. I really wish Brenda was back in the form of Vanessa Marcil. She would add a lot that triangle. And bring back Robert! I actually do enjoy the Robin/Nikolas/Patrick/Emily sl just because it is mixing it up. And Maxie and Coop are HOT!

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Well I watch AMC, OLTL, GH, DAYS,Y&R, but I want to focus on OLTL.

I grade the show with a B-, generously . I think the show has come a long way but is still not perfect, not that I ever expect it to be, but it can be a whole lot better. I don't care what anyone says, What happened to Phil Carey was horrible on OLTL's part, but that doesn't negate the fact that as of late, they have been using their vets. I think the character dialouge is a little cheezy but it is improving. The reason this show cannot get an A is because of its Inconsistent writing and mistakes that we aren't supposed to notice. I love OLTL, always have , always will but the newbie flock is coming back. Why the hell is Tate, who no one cares about, getting an ex-wife, and a dad. Tate could have been CJ, and the chick who's going to play the wife could have been Sarah. Then all we would need is Andrea and John L, and there are the Roberts. Vincent, could have just as easily been Hank, even with a recast, such as the laywer. I think If he calmed down a little, he could have made a great Hank. Miles, is an exception. I want to see what they can do with him. Another thing I hate is the character destruction from Higley. I cannot stand this woman. She has turned great characters, like Dorian, Todd, Viki, CLINT, Jessica, into shells of their former selves and I cant take it. I can't wait for her to get her walking papers.

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As The World Turns: A-

It not as bad as people say. Great cast. Great writing. Most of the storylines are pretty good. Looking forward to the next few months.

The Bold & The Beautiful: C

Only because of the Nick and Taylor pairing and the awesome plus pretty girl they've got playing Phoebe. Otherwise it'd be a D. Could care less about any of the Forresters or The Jezebel from Babylon they call Brooke. Can we please have Ridge arrested for the rape of Brooke? Its about time the pig payed for all his selfish actions. New Rick is disgusting. Where is Justin T? Hes the REAL Rick. Ashley has no purpose. Are we supposed to believe that this woman over 40 had an affair with a guy in his 20-30's maybe and is jealous of his crush on a teenager!?

The Young & The Restless: B-

Liking Cane, Daniel, nu/old Lily. Phick is True Love. I miss Dru although she was completely psycho at the end. Looking forward to Nikki versus Jack. Although why Nikki is running is beyond me. She knows Victor wants to bring Jack down eventually. Why not just sit back and enjoy the fireworks? Gloria, Michael, and Lauren all need to go. Kevin can stay so he and Colleen can hookup. JT needs to go to jail where he can become the lil boytoy of an inmate since hes a complete idiotic character now.

All MyChildren: B+

I don't watch AMC religiously but when I do its okay. Josh and Babe are meant for each other. Love Josh with his sisters and mother. Hate Ryan and as a result find Annie and Co to be boring. Zendall is cool. Adam has gone mad but I still feel for him and like him. Tad is useless. Love the Carey women despite their many flaws. JR is a loser. I need Erica (of the ORIGINAL Divas of Daytime) to kill him and protect her baby Josh.

One Life to Live: A-

Loving OLTL now. Tangie, Adrianna, Rex, Viki, new Marty (who is excellent), Starr/Cole & the Teen Scene, Viki/Clint/Dorian, and last but certainly not least JASH! Everything is just clicking together everyday and I find myself enthralled by everyone on this show minus the Vegas Brothers, John McBain, and annoying Natalie.

Days of Our Lives: B-

EJ is saving the show for me along with Sami.

Dont' watch GH, GL, Passions because they have sunk so low its sad. F's for all of them in my opinion. The same boring stuff everyday. Basically the shows I'm regularly watching now are B&B, ATWT, OLTL, and DoOL.

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ATWT...C- January started off with the conclusion to Simon's six month run, which was two months of story with four months of filler. Not to mention pretty much trashing Carly's reputation as a mother. February looked up by focusing on family drama with Faith and Parker's rebellion, and the rammifications of Casey's gambling, along with Adam's fixation on Gwen leading to his "death". March tanked, with Gwen's jittery-ness, everyone kissing Katie's supposedly reformed ass, and Emily the whore. The reveal that Adam wasn't dead was an anti-climax, with everyone just agreeing to keep quiet. So far April's been a draw, with Scott Bryce's ONE day on screen so far, Henry rather frustratingly deserting his new romance, Jack inexplicably drawn to a Shrew, and the idiocy of Cleo. I'm crossing off the days until Carly's return.

B&B...F This show is off the rails. Brooke bouncing from Ridge to Nick is just laughable. Someone should tell DumbBell that Taylor and Brooke fighting over a man isn't fresh just because it's not Ridge they're fighting over. Brooke standing her ground and NOT running to a man post-break up with Ridge would have been intriguing. Rick and Phoebe is the worst couple they've had on the show in decades, and they're on the show every damn day. Most of the other Forresters are MIA, and some of the Ashley story seems out of sync. She's known the Forresters for years, but didn't know Taylor? And what's the use in showing a Y&R flashback (even though I appreciated it.) And WHEN did this "affair" (featuring some of the cheesiest flashbacks in recent memory...I mean, in walks an accordian player wearing a beret, and Rick sings??? WTH??) happen? A time frame would be nice.

GL...D-- Haven't liked it this entire year. But I'll give it a half-hearted snap because I know people thought the Jon/Tammy stuff was good. Alan's shooting could have been compelling, but they chickened out by making Ashlee the shooter. I'm not into yet another Reva chasing Josh story, and the Alan/Beth/Rick story is one of the most twisted things I've ever seen. Daisy the Stepchild from Hell is bad, and worse yet it's a repeat of how Marina was introduced, when she decided to slide into bed with Gus to save Harley from him. I hate the Dinah/Cyrus story and the Olivia/Jeff story is disturbing, whether or not you consider Ava's conception as rape. Oh...AND WHERE THE HELL is BLAKE???

Y&R...D it should probably be an incomplete, since I only watch sporadically. But, what I've seen usually lacks "pop". The Phyllis/Sheila thing could have come out of "Soap Writing for Dummies", and somehow they managed to screw it up anyway. Unthrilling is the first word that comes to mind. Sheila spends most of her time taunting Paul from inside her cage. Watching Sheila ask for haircoloring and pull at her own wound to try and force Paul to get her medical help isn't exactly must-see tv. Another round of Victor and Jack? Snooze. Ditto Jill/Katherine and NonPhillip. Y'know, I suddenly know how those AMC fans felt about the UnAbortion. It might not seem that bad to some, but rewriting the Jill/Kay history once (to make them mother/daughter) was bad enough. TWICE is unforgivable. Making the Phillip Jill raised not the son she gave birth to is just idiotic. It makes Kay a heartless b!tch and it negates years of history, because I'm sure Jill had to prove that Phillip was Phillip Sr's son way back when. And they haven't even dealt with who the person we all thought was Phillip really was. Reliquary? ICK. Amber? ICK. Colleen/JT/Adrian? ICK. The special effects surrounding Dru's death were tacky, but the one bright spot is the ripples Dru's death is already making.

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AMC: C+ (slowing improving but has a ways to go)

ATWT: D (boring and has alot of issues. I think their balance is worse then Days at times)

B&B: F (shoving Phobe/Rick down our throats, boring, stories going around in circles-worst shape it's ever been in)

Days: B- (good acting, good dialogie, stories are ok but lack punch, pace is slow but improving, balance is still an issue but last week was an improvement and we know changes are coming)

GH:D (went right back to where it was prior to February. Sigh.)

GL: B- (not as good as earlier this year but I am still entertained. The show is slipping a bit though IMO so I am worried about a downward creative spiral coming soon)

OLTL: C (was getting better but it's boring again and the problems the show had before it's little run of improvement are returning again.)

Passions: B- (improving daily. Last few weeks have beeb much better and Friday was fantastic. Hope it continues)

Y&R-: C- (terribly plot driven, Dru's exit is ok but the SFX were hideous, show has lost it's identity)

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