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OLTL Discussion: Week of April 9th

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Welcome to the One Life to Live Discussion Thread for the week of April 9th, 2007. This week looks pretty good. Hope you enjoy your visit and are prepared to discuss the interworkings of Llanview, PA and OLTL. If so, then you're in the right place.

So, let's begin our discussion of the good, bad, and ugly that is Llanview, Pennsylvania & One Life to Live...
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Funny how Clint says that he had a good time, but yet he couldn't keep his eyes off of his ex-wife. And then we get Clint and Nash.....I really wish Nash would stop pushing the issue, he needs to let Jessica make up her own mind, he's just putting more pressure on her than she needs right now. I wish Clint or Viki would set the guy straight, but then I had to laugh when Clint ripped him one for talking bad about his family. Why doesn't he stop Dorian when she does it?

Tate is a jerk. I was rooting for Rex to beat the crap out of him, but then I'm like, Why? Adriana isn't worth it.

Enjoyed the scenes between Starr/Blair and Jack. And I'm glad that Blair left to help Todd.

Finally remembered that Marcie, Michael and Tommy are alive I always enjoy this little family.

Very nice seeing Carlotta.

You'd think that Todd would get a clue that Rex is hiding something from him where his son is concerned.

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Well Scotty we miss your wisdom, counting days until you are back full time!!!!

As for today Layla needs a love life cause she seriously is in everyone elses. I mean come on how old is Vangie, isnt Vangie the oldest cause seriously "You Are Not Going" UGH and as for Rex I am counting the hours and days until Todd learns you lied.

Tangeline you know for a non romantic couple they seriously talk like they are. I love all the moments and Todd put Vangie first. She so wants to go to protect him but he is not going to let her.

Starr and Blair, why does everyone assume Tangeline is dating. Starr hello you do remember that it was Vangie that stood by Todd when you skank of mother did not right. As for Jack hello he still in my mind Maxs son.

Typical Blair no one wants you there but dammit I am going to barge my way threw anyway.

As for Jessic die already. Antonio you use to be smarter than this, you use to know whey you were being played. If not said already Die Jash Die espically what you are going to do to Jamie.

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I thought today's show was OK. Everybody has been complaining about wanting to see Antonio and Carlotta, well there they were!

Antonio proved what I've been saying. Of course, I hate Antonio and many of the Jash critics love him so I guess we all see what we want to see. But Antonio said today he had questions about his marriage, he recognized Jessica was not comfortable adopting that child, Carlotta pushed him about adopting that child and said don't do it if your marriage is in trouble. He is just as guilty in all of this as Jess. She is doing what looks right and using a child to save her marriage. He is using a child to save his marriage. Both of them are guilty.

As far as Nash, he is the only one telling the truth. He's not pushing Jessica. What he said to Clint was absolutely correct. She should not be adopting that child and it is only going to hurt Jamie. Nash is the only person telling the truth in any of this. Jessica does not love Antonio like she loves Nash. Fortunately, very soon, this triangle ends and Jess and Nash will be a couple.

I don't like Evangeline and Jim. Others do, so I won't comment.

I did very much enjoy Blair, Jack and Starr today. You know, I've never been a John McBomb fan, but I read where KDP wanted Blair to be involved with JOhn. I'd like to see that. Maybe if he were matched with a character I'd like to see everyday, one that has a longtime history with the show and one who is more his age, I'd like him more. If he is going to be stuffed down my throat every day why not put him with one of the most popular and gifted actresses on the show?

I'm beginning to like Layla. Tika is actually a decent actress.

By the way Psycho, Margaret's name was mentioned today. I think it was Blair who used the two words Margaret's baby. LOL.

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