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new audition script for the role of Pam on AMC

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The scene opens with Pam briefing Erica about that day's upcoming show in the New Beginnings Office (side note says that Pam is very sassy). Pam is reading off instructions for the camera man and the audience then calls it a rap.

Erica begins looking through her cue cards and is obviously not thrilled with something she sees. She asks Pam how long they've worked together. Pam says "since birth-my life started the day you hired me". Erica then points to a card and says "And you think I will say this on the air"? They have some cute bantering back and forth which explains the sassy remark regarding Pam's character:

Pam: Only because I know you deep in your soul.

Erica: You're misguided.

Pam: You're stubborn.

Erica: I'm your boss

Pam: And I'm your humble servant. Read the card.

Erica: It's trite, cliched and completely wrong.

Pam: But you're fresh and savvy and you'll spin it into gold.

Erica: And now you're working me.

Pam: I'm worshipping you.

Erica: I won't read this.

Pam: Fine, read this instead (Pam hands her another card).

Erica: Now this says Erica Kane. Why didn't you just hand this one to me first?

Pam: I like to let you think you're in charge.

Erica: I am in charge. I can fire you.

Pam: I'd refuse to leave. I'd work for free.

Erica: Please go away now.

Pam: See you on the floor in ten minutes. You know I love you more then my Prada (Pam exits).

Apparently Pam is one of the few who knows how to truly handle La Kane. Pam is cute and sassy. She is obviously someone who knows how to handle the famous Erica Kane but also loves the finer things in life. It does not say if this role will be expanded or if it is just a bit role for now.

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