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GH: Lulu's Loves

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The writers don't even seem to know who Lulu is going to end up with! They seem to be pushing this heavy, emotional baggage stuff with Lulu and Dillon, but she has a TON more chemistry with Spinelli and even Milo. I personally want to see her with cute, dim Milo with Spinelli being kind of her right-hand man like Henry was to Katie on ATWT. Dillon should go back to Georgie.

Who do YOU think Lulu should be with?

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I want Lulu with Milo but it looks like she will be with.








Logan, the new guy thats being brought on for her. Im guessing the show will build them up like a supercouple and he will be her "L" like with the other Spencers (Lucky/Liz, Luke/Laura)

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first off, i love Lulu and JMB is by far the best younger actress on GH so im happy that she is front and center and they have so many options for her.

now as for who i want her with...

not dillion, who i onjce loved but now just annoys me. i do like that they will always have this deep connection from the baby and the abortion and i hope they always play on that, but i dont want them as a couple anymore.

spinelli i love. hes awsome. hes funny and adds much needed comedy to GH, and i like him and lulu. they are cute and funa nd i love it when they fight... but...

i freakin love lulu & milo!! they rock. the chem is there and idk what it is but for some reason i just love them!!

and then there is the new guy they are bringing on and im shure he will also be for lulu... (since his name starts with a L... luke/laura, liz/lucky, lulu/logen)

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