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ATWT/Y&R: Alison Stewart and Amber Moore spoilers.

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Someone over at SOC posted these on the ATWT board so I thought I would post them here. I'm thinking when Ali goes to ATWT that she is going to be involved in Emily's storyline since she(Ali) is now a stripper.


Here's what's happening on with Alison over at Y&R while she is guest starring on their show:

Amber continues her pursuit of Cane, and goes as far as proposing a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. Amber calls her friend Alison Stewart to come over and go to Vegas with them, to help her carry out her plot. Alison comes over as fast as possible. Arriving in Vegas, Cane is pleased to meet Alison and finds her attractive and very beautiful. Alison does a "private" show for Cane and Amber and shows them some stripper dance moves. While Cane watches Alison striptease, Amber drugs his beer and he passes out. Amber then takes off Cane's clothes and Alison puts them on, and the two girls head to the local wedding chapel and with Alison posing as Cane they get married. Upon returning to the hotel room, the two girls celebrate their success and Alison changes out of Cane's clothes and Amber puts the wedding ring on the bartender's finger.

So Alison is a stripper now and willing to cross dress for a good friend??!

I wonder what she'll be like once she comes over to ATWT!!! She sure sounds spunky on ATWT.

Source: Thanks Paula at Days of Our Lives Soap Talk (ATWT sub-forum) and SNS!

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Oh, she was on B&B not ATWT!! I knew she was on another CBS soap but I couldn't remember which one. I thought that she was "on loan" from that soap and was supposed to go back after a few months. Don't tell me Y&R has decided to keep her????? B&B can have her back because I don't watch that show!!! :lol:

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You're right. But CBS is _finally_ trying to inter-connect their lineup, and it's a great idea.

If Amber ever ends up back on B&B (my guess for the long-term plan), she'll bring some Y&R fans (and Y&R ties) with her. And now, with his Allison character...if I like the story and find it funny, I might actually find myself following this firecracker/spitfire to Oakdale.

THAT'S what ATWT needs...more eyeballs from CBS' highest-rated series....more viewer loyalty throughout the whole afternoon (something ABC has historically been better at).

Christian Leblanc visited ATWT as his Michael Baldwin character a while back...a similarly good idea.

Interestingly, GL is kept out of all of this cross-promotion...which raises the interesting question of why it is getting less CBS support....

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